Love Is Blind fans praise Jeramey’s mother for being ‘Team Laura’ in Sarah Ann love triangle

‘Jeramey’s mom is an icon,’ says viewer

Meredith Clark
New York
Thursday 29 February 2024 18:08 GMT
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Love Is Blind season six has been full of drama, both on and off-screen. But it’s the mothers of Love Is Blind that have stolen the show.

On 28 February, Netflix dropped episodes 10 and 11 of the popular reality dating series. Much like each season, the sixth season of Love Is Blind follows five couples as they form an emotional connection and get engaged in the “pods” all without seeing each other in person. The newly engaged couples eventually meet face to face, and must live together until they get married in just three weeks.

This season follows contestants from Charlotte, North Carolina. Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés were the first couple to get engaged in the pods, followed by Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills, and Amber “AD” Desiree and Clay Gravesande. Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman were also engaged in the pods, as well as Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell.

Spoilers ahead.

Five couples left the post-pods retreat in the Dominican Republic and returned home engaged, but only three are still remaining. Kenneth and Brittany broke off their engagement shortly after moving in together, while Jeramey and Laura’s relationship imploded after he was out until the early morning with his former pods fling.

In addition to Laura, the 32-year-old intralogistics worker sparked up an emotional connection with contestant Sarah Ann Bick in the pods. When it came time to propose, Jeramey was split between both women. He ultimately proposed to the 34-year-old account director, but left the door open with the 30-year-old customer support manager.

At the end of episode eight, it was revealed that Jeramey had reunited with Sarah Ann during a night out with his friends. Laura met up with fellow contestant Jessica Vestal and revealed that Sarah Ann had sent Jeramey an Instagram DM saying that she’d love to meet him if he ever has any doubts over his decision. She then confronted Jeramey when he returned home after “talking” with Sarah Ann all night long until five in the morning. While Jeramey assured Laura that he shared his location with her, she accused him of leaving the bar and going to Sarah Ann’s house.

“I want out,” Laura told Jeramey in the final moments of the episode.

In episode 10, which dropped on Wednesday, viewers watched as Jeramey informed his mother about his messy love triangle with Laura and Sarah Ann. Although Jeramey attempted to explain the situation from his perspective, it appeared that his mother quickly caught on that her son had screwed up his relationship with Laura.

In fact, as Jeramey recounted Laura’s explosive reaction to his rendezvous with Sarah Ann, she told her son: “You’re lucky…it wasn’t me.”

Following the episode, many fans took to social media to applaud Jeramey’s mother for refusing to side with him.

“Jeremy sitting down with his mom thinking she’s going be on his side but she’s Team Laura,” wrote one viewer on X, formerly Twitter.

“Yes I’m already watching episode 10 of Love Is Blind and can I just say - Jeramy’s mom is an icon,” another person said. “You can see she knows her son didn’t tell her the truth and supports Laura.”

One viewer believed that Jeramey’s mother “saw through the BS” during their conversation, while another praised her for holding her son “accountable”.

Meanwhile on Reddit, some fans described her as “authentic and honest” as another jokingly wrote: “Off camera I bet she let him have it.”

“The way she was looking at him! She wasn’t buying any of it!” said someone else. “‘You’re lucky it wasn’t me.’ You have my respect ma’am.”

Jeramey and Laura eventually call it quits, and it’s revealed that the former couple hadn’t seen each other in four days since their blowout fight. They finally reunite at a lake house barbecue with the rest of the Love Is Blind cast, where they have one last confrontation. Laura accused Jeramey of being a “con artist” and a “narcissist” and insisted that he still has feelings for Sarah Ann.

“You are not a man. You’re not man enough for me. You never f***ing have been. End of story. Do whatever the fuck you want with whoever the fuck you want,” Laura tells Jeramey. “I wish you the best. Go kick rocks with open-toed f***ing shoes.”

The finale episode of Love Is Blind season six drops on Netflix on 6 March.

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