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Love is Blind viewer shares ‘blind’ watching method

‘The reveals were worth it!’ viewer says

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Wednesday 21 February 2024 05:06 GMT
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Love is Blind viewers are sharing on TikTok how they are able to watch the popular series “blind”.

After premiering in 2020, the popular Netflix reality show returned for its sixth season last week on Valentine’s Day, and some fans have revealed their unique way of tuning in to the drama. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the reality series is headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, where a new batch of singletons try to find love.

By taking away the visual aspect of the show, they believe that they can fully buy into the show’s concept. For the show’s first few episodes, viewers have covered their televisions or devices so that they’re experiencing the show the same way the contestants do, by not seeing any of them until the reveals.

One TikTok user (@ktsumsion) revealed that she and her friends watch the show by covering their TV with a blanket, with only a small portion of the screen shown so that they can read the closed captions. When the show has the engaged couples reveal what they look like to one another for the first time, they take off the blanket. She posted the video with the caption: “This was fun! if you haven’t started this season you should try it!”

The method received a mixed reaction on the social media platform, with some viewers pointing out that watching along without the visuals could prove more confusing as the episodes progress and the contestants get engaged.

One person wrote: “My bestie and I did this and it honestly made it SO confusing. We had to bring in someone else to tell us who [was] on screen/talking.” The TikTok user replied, saying: “Yes! It was hard! But the reveals were worth it!”

Meanwhile, someone else wrote that they loved the idea, “Love is Blind should be a podcast with one final video episode a season.” Another added: “I have always said I think it should be blind for viewers and no one listens to me!”

“It would be awesome if they put out two different versions of the show that didn’t show the people until the reveal,” one person said. “I’d be into that!”

This season, a new cast of singles is set to participate in the “blind dating” social experiment, with the show taking viewers to the East Coast all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina, where all of the cast lives. Past seasons were filmed in locations across the US including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Houston.

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