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‘My Tinder date had a terrible attitude – but I still can’t believe what he did during dinner’

Katelyn Boss, 22, was looking forward to her date with mystery man, Trevor, after meeting him on a dating app

Emmie Norton
Jam Press
Friday 21 April 2023 13:56 BST
(Jam Press/@katelyn_boss2000)

A woman has been left mortified after a first date allegedly began sending nudes to other women in front of her while they were out for a meal.

Katelyn Boss, 22, was looking forward to her date with mystery man, Trevor, after meeting him on the dating app, Tinder.

She had FaceTimed him days before the date and says he appeared "very friendly" and "put together".

However, once the duo met in person, Katelyn knew straight away something wasn't right and the meeting quickly turned sour.

"The minute I met him in person, I could tell his whole personality changed – he seemed cocky and had 'too cool for school' with a wannabe rapper attitude," Katelyn, a nanny from Utah, US, told

"He would not shut up about his money or how cool he was, or his music, and he tried playing his music in the middle of the Olive Garden [restaurant].

"I realised this wasn't the guy that I wanted to be with, so I went to the bathroom to come up with an excuse to leave.

"That's when I came back, and I caught him looking at this girl's nudes on his phone.

"I hesitated to sit down because I wanted to see how he would react to getting those pictures, but instead of ignoring them, he liked all of them and sent emojis and sexted her."

Just when Katelyn thought this date couldn't get any more awkward, things took a turn.

She said: "That's when he went to his camera gallery and had a vast saved section of straight d**k pictures.

(Jam Press/@katelyn_boss2000)

"He picked a few and sent them. I sat down, and he didn't notice, and then once he did, it startled him, and he tried to shut off his phone and sit it down, but I saw everything.

"He tried to act cool and say I will get that d**k later.

"I got up and started laughing because I felt incredibly uncomfortable about what had happened.

"I didn't say bye or pay for my food. I didn't even eat my food. That's how fast this date was.”

It won't come as a surprise to hear that Katelyn never spoke to Trevor again and blocked him the minute she left the date.

Katelyn shared her horrific dating experience on her TikTok account (@katelyn_boss2000) and it gained more than 47,000 views from shocked viewers.

In the video, Katelyn recalls the date whilst doing her makeup explaining how the man started sending nudes in front of her, leaving users with their 'jaws dropped'.

Madi said: "My jaw dropped so fast, it cracked."

(Jam Press/@katelyn_boss2000)

Valeska wrote: "Finally the girl that gets up and leaves. Hallelujah."

Candace added: "Figures his name is Trevor. I've only ever had bad experiences with Trevor's."

Stacey said: "That's the most terrifying tinder date I've ever heard of."

Reagean added: "I like how he thought he still was going to get some lmao men and their egos."

Looking back at the encounter, Katelyn believes she was catfished as his personality was completely different in person.

She continued: "I was annoyed that he lied about who he was.

"He technically catfished his personality.

"Then, I felt extremely uncomfortable and violated that I had to see those pictures.

"I only watched what he did because I was in shock, and I could not believe what had just happened.

"When he realised I saw what he had done, in a way, he didn't react at all.

"I'm not sure if he was high or straight up... didn't care that he was being disrespectful towards me.”

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