Botched proposals, cheating husbands and drug busts: Waiters share the worst dates they've ever witnessed

From failed marriage proposals, to a date ending in an arrest

Siobhan Fenton
Friday 04 September 2015 17:12 BST
Waiters have revealed the most awkward dates they've ever witnessed
Waiters have revealed the most awkward dates they've ever witnessed (AFP/Getty Images)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


Bar tenders and waiters have been sharing stories of the most awkward dates they have ever witnessed.

Posting on Reddit, their recollections include a botched proposal, an angry cheating husband and an untimely drug arrest.

One bartender wrote: “When I arrived for my shift, my manager told me there’s a guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend at this bar and he wanted me to help him with it. I said ‘Sweet, no probs’, so the manager gave me a ring and told me to put it on top of her drink.

“Fast forward to the date… The bar was pretty busy. She ordered a Long Island, so I put on the straw and hand it to him. She had the ‘What the f**k mate?’ look and then he dropped on his knees. Our manager put on some romantic songs. To my surprise she threw the drink at the poor bloke and ran out of the bar.

“Later I came to know that it was their second date.”

Another wrote about how a case of mistaken identity almost lost them their job: “I used to have this family of regulars that came in for dinner; it was a man and a woman and their two girls. I got to know them quite well, especially the dad, but I didn't really talk to the woman very often.

“Anyway, they came in for dinner one time and I noticed it was just them."No kids tonight?" I asked him. He gave me this surprised look and doesn't reply. Ooookay then. So I went "You folks want the usual spot?" Still no reply, just a couple of odd looks.

“I sat them at a random table nearby and handed them their menus. She looked a little different, so I asked her if she did something new with her hair. The guy just starts getting p****d off and tells me to get them some waters and leave them alone. I looked again to make sure it was the right guy. Looked like him, and I definitely recognise the red mini-van he pulled up in. So what was his problem?

“Then it dawned on me; he was with another woman.

“I went to the server station across the room to ring in their order. He appears like magic a few moments later. He still looks pissed. I tried to apologise but he cuts me off. ‘Don't you say a f***ing word to my wife if you want to keep your job,’ he says. Oh."

Another wrote about how a date ended in a dramatic drugs bust and an arrest. “The worst one was when I had a date get broken up by about ten cops rushing the table. Turns out the guy was a big time drug dealer who the cops had been looking for for quite some time. He got tackled, cuffed and taken outside.

“One of the cops came back in to apologise, and told me they caught him because the girl had tagged herself with him at the restaurant on Facebook. So I guess, always ask your dates if they have any warrants out for their arrest before you tag them anywhere.”

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