This couple recreated their wedding photos 50 years after they got married

‘It was so much fun to recreate them,’ says Carolyn Gay

Olivia Petter@oliviapetter1
Thursday 25 March 2021 10:40

A couple in Iowa have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by recreating their wedding photos with the exact same details.

Carolyn Gay, 70, and Kelly Gay, 76, got married 50 years ago in DSM First Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

The couple returned to the church in the same outfits they wore the first time around and took photographs in the exact same locations.

While Kelly was unable to wear the same suit as before, he found one that looked very similar.

Carolyn, however, did manage to wear the same wedding dress.

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“I was pretty sure I was within five pounds of my weight as to what I weighed back when I was married, so I thought ‘I think I can get in that dress!’” she said.

Carolyn also grew her hair out especially for the photoshoot so that it would look similar to how it was when she got married.

The couple had been planning the photoshoot for years.

Speaking about the day of the shoot itself, which was 12 March of this year, Carolyn said: “It took about an hour to an hour-and-a-half, to take the new pictures and it was just a fun time.

“It was so much fun to recreate them.”

The retired estate agent said she had one image in particular she wanted to recreate.

“I have one wedding picture I really, really loved when they took it from in the balcony overlooking all the people that came, and you can see a picture of Jesus overlooking the wedding.”

The result, as with all of the other photos, is uncannily similar.

Ahead of recreating the photos, the couple also uncovered some of the receipts from their original wedding and found that everything, including the honeymoon and a meal for almost 200 guests, totalled at around $340 (£247).

The biggest expense was the flowers, which came to $131.84 (£96). The couple’s honeymoon to New Orleans, which lasted for four days, cost just $91.20 (£66).

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