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Man applauded for his dedication after he sends resume to woman’s dog in hopes of a date

‘That much creativity and effort deserves at least a coffee date’

Meredith Clark
New York
Tuesday 20 June 2023 16:05 BST
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A man who sent a woman’s dog his resume, in the hopes that her goldendoodle would approve of him taking her out on a date, has been applauded for his creativity and dedication.

Influencer Kat Braden (@agirlandadoodle) went viral on TikTok this month when she shared a video of the dog-themed resume the potential suitor had sent her and her goldendoodle, Oliver.

“The other day, a guy DM’d me asking if he could take me and Oliver out on a date,” she said in the clip, which has since gained 1.5m views on TikTok.

“I told him that all applications have to go through Oliver and to send Oliver his resume and that he would get back to him,” she explained. “This is what the guy sent me.”

In the video, Braden shared screenshots of the man’s resume, which was catered to Oliver’s very dog-specific needs. At the top of the resume, the job title read: “Prospective Professional Dog Dad”.

Under his key skills, the man included that he’s a “shepherd of sheepdogs”, has a “gold standard in golden retriever guidance”, he’s a “tail wag analyst” and has “high endurance for games of fetch”.

“Ladies, as we all know, high endurance is key,” Braden chimed in.

On the second page of his resume, the potential dog dad joked that he “devised a ‘Wag-While-You-Work’ programme, increasing tail wagging activity by 60 per cent”.

Not only did Braden point out that her potential date was the “invited guest speaker at the Annual Retrievers Meet,” but he also hosted a lecture called “Grooming the Gold: A Fur-Ever Bond,” which received “a standing ovation and several barks of approval.”

However, what caught Braden’s eye the most on his dog-themed resume was his “three F’s: Fur, fetch, and fur-ever love”.

After showing viewers the man’s carefully curated resume, she told fans that her dog Oliver is “busy doing a deep dive on his LinkedIn and we’ll see what he says”.

Since it was posted on 9 June, Kat Braden’s video has been applauded by dog lovers everywhere. In the comments, many people felt that the man’s “creativity and effort” deserved just one date.

“I am just saying if he went through all this, he deserves a date for sure,” one user commented.

“That much creativity and effort deserves at least a coffee date,” said someone else.

“OK, I refuse to accept anything less than this now,” a third TikToker wrote.

Meanwhile, one person called his resume “husband material vibes” and another simply said: “Marry him.”

However, it seems no date has been planned yet after Braden wrote in the comments that her goldendoodle has yet to make a decision. “Oliver is unpredictable,” Braden said. “I never know what he’s going to do in these situations.”

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