‘We all have that loser ex’: ‘Bad boyfriend’ database allows women to rate men they’ve dated

Tracy Tegan set up the website so women could warn others about their ‘loser ex’

Saman Javed
Friday 07 October 2022 05:40 BST
Woman who ditched 'toxic dating habits' hopes to inspire others

A woman in the US has created a database for women to share their bad experiences with men they have dated, on what she calls a “Tripadvisor for exes”.

The “Ex-boyfriend List”, founded by Tracy Tegan, welcomes stories about men who have cheated on their partners, treated them with disrespect, or have gone as far as verbally or physically abusing them.

“We all have that loser ex we want to warn others about, and now you can do just that. This is your very own bad boyfriend database, or as we like to call it, the ‘bad boyfriend list’,” a description on the website reads.

Women are invited to share their experiences in depth, and leave their ex-boyfriend’s name, city, and the state he lives in.

However, strict instructions state that personal information including the man’s private phone number, address, workplace and details about his family must not be shared.

“This place is for all you women out there who were happily in love with a guy who didn’t put enough and exploited you in ways you didn’t realise you could ever be used for,” Tegan said.

“Through this process that we have built, you can reveal the truth about him and save lives.”

Tegan is also encouraging women who have doubts about a potential partner to look him up on the database.

“Search him up, and if there’s nothing, then you’re one of the lucky ones.” she said. “But if you do end up finding anything related to him, you know your doubts were correct.”

One woman who left a review on the website, described her ex-boyfriend as a “selfish womaniser”.

“You will never be his only. He uses you as a supply. He always lies and makes you feel like you’re going crazy because of his lies,” she said.

Another alleged that her ex-partner had stolen her money.

“Claims to own his own business but hardly ever works. He took a picture of my debit card while I was sleeping and used it online for almost a year before I realised it,” she said.

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