Love Island fans ‘crying’ with laughter over Davide’s ‘celibacy’ gaffe in latest episode

‘Celibacy? Never heard of her’ - Davide, probably

Laura Hampson
Tuesday 05 July 2022 09:59 BST
Love Island 2022: Davide Sanclimenti's best moments

Love Island’s resident Italian Davide Sanclimenti has proven time again that he is this season’s main character.

Not only has his on-again, off-again relationship with Ekin-Su Culculoglu given us several priceless reaction memes, the 27-year-old tickled viewers on Monday night when he revealed he didn’t know what “celibacy” meant.

During a conversation with Casa Amor newcomer Coco Lodge, Davide asked Coco why her past relationship ended.

Coco replied: “A year and a half ago. He went celibate so we broke up.”

Davide, confused, asked: “He went where?”

When Coco tried to explain, Davide still thought celibacy was a location and asked, “Where’s that?”

Fans were quick to take to Twitter and react to Davide’s confusion, with one person writing: “‘Celibacy? Never heard of her’ — Davide, probably.”

Another said: “No way did Davide say ‘where’s that?’ when Coco was talking about celibacy lol what a joker.”

A third added: “Davide said that’s not going to happen with me, no celibacy here.”

“Davide about to book his next holiday to Celibate,” one person said, while another added: “Not Davide thinking celibacy is a location.”

Others said that Davide “doesn’t even try to be funny”.

Earlier in the season, Ekin-Su was accused of “gaslighting” Davide after she kissed Jay Younger twice, despite being coupled up with the Italian.

At the time, Twitter users said that Ekin-Su making Davide feel bad for not being more affectionate with her could be classified as “gaslighting”, as she had been kissing Jay in secret.

According to Counselling Directory member Thalia Joyner, gaslighting is when someone is led to doubt their own reality, and it can happen in both romantic and platonic relationships.

However, the pair ended up re-coupling a week later, causing some fans to think they were the prime example of the enemies to lovers trope.

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