Eight warning signs you rushed into marriage – and why it could be doomed

One expert says you could be heading down the aisle too soon

Sarah Young
Tuesday 13 December 2016 14:19 GMT

He asked and you said yes but in the midst of a love-filled haze, one expert says you should watch out for crucial warning signs that mean you could be heading down the aisle too soon.

Speaking to Femail, relationship coach India Kang shares eight tell-tale signs that you’re not quite ready to get hitched and why doing so could doom your marriage before it’s even begun.

Have you both said “I love you?”

When it comes to saying those three little, but oh so heart-warming words, it’s important that he says them first. More often than not, men say “I love you” fairly early on in a relationship because they don’t need months to know how they feel. If he didn’t say it first, you’re more likely to be left feeling insecure.

Who proposed and was it with a ring?

According to India, no engagement ring means you’re not engaged and it should always be left to the man to propose. She insists that you shouldn’t do his job for him by proposing and or buying own engagement ring either.

Have you told friends and family about your engagement?

While in some instances it’s prudent to keep your engagement under wraps – when there are children or a crazy ex involved – neither of you should be keeping it a secret; especially from your family and friends.

Have you celebrated birthdays together?

It’s important to have spent key holidays like Valentines and Christmas together as well as having celebrated each other’s birthdays. By the time you get engaged, you should have experienced important occasions with one another.

Have you seen each other’s homes?

Visiting each other’s household is a great way to gauge their living habits. Once your married, there’s nowhere to hide so if one of you is messy or OCD clean now’s the time to fess up.

Are you putting the wedding off?

Sure, a few nerves are normal but neither of you should be dragging your feet. If either of you are having sleepless nights over the impending vows it might be worth holding off a little.

Are you both making plans for the big day?

While it’s not essential to secure a date as soon he gets down on one knee, it is important to have some ballpark timeline in mind. Even if a long engagement is necessary, you should still both discuss the date and start making plans.

Do you know each other’s financial situation?

Before you decide to get hitched you should both be well aware of each other’s financial health. You don’t need to know the ins and outs but do your homework and make sure you know about any debts, loans or poor credit history.

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