‘My husband has the emotional depth of a door knob — scheduled sex saved our marriage’

While Cassie Brooks ‘loves her husband’, she says he sometimes has the ‘emotional range of a door knob’

Ria Newman
Jam Press
Tuesday 07 March 2023 12:48 GMT
(Jam Press/Cassandra Brooks)

A woman has revealed how “manifesting” her orgasms helped heal her marriage after she began feeling “distant” from her partner, and says they even schedule sex into their lives.

Two years ago, Cassie Brooks and her husband, Monte, felt they were “going through the motions” and struggling in their relationship, which also impacted their bedroom activities.

In an effort to revive their connection, the 39-year-old suggested they try something new: 'sex magic’.

Also spelt ‘sex magick', the practice involves unlocking energy within the body and using this to manifest a desired result.

The accounting clerk, who makes a conscious effort to put in the time for sex with her 47-year-old hubby, swears by the method and says it has healed their marriage.

“Monte and I work opposite schedules and are both busy, and we have a spunky and active eight-year-old who keeps us on our toes,” Cassie, who lives in Tennessee, US, told NeedToKnow.online.

“We have to be intentional when we truly want to connect with each other, and sometimes it’s easy to push sex aside because we’re tired.

“I love my husband, but sometimes he has the emotional range or spiritual depth of a door knob.

“For me, sex magick has deepened our connection.”

Aside from manifesting and tuning into her mind, body and soul to channel her climax, Cassie also sets the scene for her partner, who works as a nurse, to boost his senses.

(Jam Press/Cassandra Brooks)

Cassie said: “One of the specific times we used sex magick was when we felt a major distance between us.

“We had been going through motions of our life and marriage for a while but didn't truly connect.

“We actually schedule time for sex [now] but leave plenty of room for impromptu moments, too.

“Monte is aware I've ‘worked my magick’, but he doesn't always know what that entails.

“If he's struggling with something, I make sure to use the right scent, put on the heels or lingerie piece that will quickly be discarded to help set the tone.

“Beyond that, it's not really a conscious act for him as much as it is participatory.

(Jam Press/Cassandra Brooks)

“It still counts though, since his energy is added to the magick, even if it’s not intentional.”

Cassie, who used to be “part of a coven” was first inspired by sex magick after researching the benefits.

As part of the ‘ritual’, the couple will take time to relish each other’s bodies by complimenting each other and touching the parts that make their energy light up and then “release it into the universe”.

They will also sometimes talk about the sex they want to have before they move into the bedroom, with Cassie instructing her other half on the positions that help her better manifest the climax.

Describing how sex magick works, she added: “Sex magick can be whatever you want it to be, much like the act itself can.

(Jam Press/Cassandra Brooks)

“You can do it by yourself or with your partner and still get the manifestations you desire.

“That part is always about intention. The rest is up to you.

“There are some immediate effects because you are charged and aware of what you just did, but as the afterglow of an orgasm surface, so does the energy created and released into the universe.

“Sometimes it takes time for magick to work, but that's part of the whole thing – trusting the process.”

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