Victoria Beckham reveals the secret to her 20-year marriage to David

'The kids are our priority'

Sabrina Barr
Tuesday 15 October 2019 18:27
Victoria Beckham reveals secret to 20-year marriage to David

Victoria Beckham has divulged the secret to sustaining her 20-year marriage with David Beckham.

On Tuesday, the fashion and beauty mogul appeared on American talk show Today, where she spoke about the recent launch of her eponymous beauty collection and her family.

During the interview, the former Spice Girls member was asked by presenter Hoda Kotb what she believes the “secret sauce” is when it comes to her marriage with the former professional footballer, having wed in 1999.

“The kids are our priority. Everything we do revolves around the kids,” Victoria said in response, in reference to her and David’s four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

“We both work really hard, we love what we do professionally.”

The fashion designer added that she and her husband “support each other”, and feel “very lucky to have found each other”.

When asked whether it was love at first sight when she and David met two years prior to their wedding, Victoria affirmed that it was.

The entrepreneur was then asked how she ensures that her family unit remains “cohesive”, to which she replied that “communication is key”.

“We’re very present in the kids lives,” she said. “We love our family, everything we do revolves around our family.”

Victoria praised the support of her parents and in-laws, saying that they are all “very present and help with the kids”.

During the interview, the businesswoman also revealed that she and her husband are prone to sharing cosmetics products every now and then.

While the former England captain does not use products from his wife’s make-up collection, he seemingly has a proclivity for face masks.

“Not the lip liner,” Victoria said, in reference to her newly launched lip line. “We share skin products, beauty products. So we’ll share moisturisers and face masks and that sort of thing.”

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In September, a decade after launching her fashion label, Victoria Beckham launched her eponymous clean beauty make-up collection.

Described as being a “clean beauty movement”, it is made up of cosmetic products which have been developed using “only the cleanest ingredients”.

Launching the collection, Beckham said: “I have always been beauty obsessed, and I want to create beauty solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out.”

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