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Man sends incredible response to boss who tried to cancel his annual leave

‘I can help out more until I leave, but I can’t change my leave dates’

Brittany Miller
New York
Thursday 15 February 2024 11:11 GMT
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A TikToker recently shared a story of how an employee reacted to their annual leave being cancelled at the last minute.

Michael Sanz is known for his videos on stories that his viewers submit to him about their work environment, whether that be poor pay or, in this case, where a boss decided to cancel an employee’s leave.

According to the text messages shown in the clip, someone had resigned and more help was needed until another hire could be sorted. The boss let the employee know that their leave, meant to happen next week, would be pushed back a few months and also told human resources the news.

In between reading the messages, Sanz intervenes with his own opinions as he explained how unfair he felt it was to cancel the period of leave without any type of conversation.

The employee responded with frustration that HR was given the news before them. The leave was for their brother’s wedding which was put in the system seven months in advance. “I can help out more until I leave, but I can’t change my leave dates,” the employee’s message ended.

Their boss then offered to reduce the leave period to only fly in and fly out for the wedding and “then take three days over the weekend instead of the three weeks.”

The employee once again clarified that they would not be changing their trip at all and suggested maybe hiring a temporary hire or two while they are on their leave.

“Mate, can’t stress enough, your leave is cancelled, we just can’t do it. I’m sorry,” the last message from the boss read.

This appeared to be the last straw for the employee who responded that they weren’t sure if they’d be coming back to work at all anymore. They decided to start their leave immediately after sending the message to think about whether they want to stay at the company and would be forwarding all of their boss’s messages to HR.

“As a boss, you can’t just cancel your team’s leave, especially when it’s booked so far out,” Sanz captioned his TikTok that went on to receive almost one million views.

Many people ended up taking to the comments to talk about what they would’ve done if they were in the situation themselves.

“Response should have been. ‘You’ll need to find 2 new hires. Regards from Bali’,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “I would have replied, Hi Nick, take this as my resignation. Would not have even entered into a conversation with the boss.”

“Quick fix - Boss has to tell Jenny not to resign because they are too busy and need time to find a replacement,” a third commenter joked.

Other commenters ended up talking about their own experiences with leaving their own jobs.

“The owner of the company I work for constantly texts me on weekends and public holidays, I get it his business but the guy doesn’t work and I do,” one person wrote in the comments section.

Another story read, “A new company bought out the one I used to work for and they wiped out all of our PTO and I had a trip planned and they told me I couldn’t go. I quit.”

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