‘I’m a real actor, this is an art form’: Ben Affleck mistaken for another star in new Dunkin’ Donuts advert

Affleck returned to the coffee chain to promote their new Run campaign

Inga Parkel
Tuesday 04 April 2023 07:08 BST
Jennifer Lopez makes cameo in Ben Affleck Dunkin' Super Bowl ad

Ben Affleck is mistakenly identified as his longtime collaborator Matt Damon in the new Dunkin’ commercial.

In a follow-up to his previous advertisement for the American coffee chain, which aired during the 2023 Super Bowl, Affleck returned to promote the company’s newest campaign.

“I’m here for the Dunkin’ Run campaign commercial,” the Gone Girl actor informs two employees at the register.

He continues to explicate his idea of doing an “authentic” and “meta” advertisement: “Yes, I’m doing a commercial, but am I doing the commercial? You know, I don’t do commercials. I’m a real actor, this is an art form for me.”

The two Dunkin’ employees then converse with each other before asking Affleck if he was in Martin Scorsese’s 2006 thriller The Departed.

“I’m not Matt Damon,” Affleck responds as one excitedly answers: “Oh yeah, I love him! I love him. The guy’s got a really consistent career, I think.”

Damon and Affleck have been lifelong friends and collaborators, after becoming close in high school.

Even before their mainstream success, they supported each other’s careers financially by sharing a joint bank account.

Since then, they have worked and starred together in several films such as Good Will Hunting, Dogma, The Last Duel and most recently Air.

The latter is the first movie to come from their co-founded production company Artists Equity.

Both star in the film, which tells the story of how basketball legend Michael Jordan and his family teamed up with a group of Nike executives to revolutionise the sports business with one historical sneaker deal.

Last month, Affleck revealed the surprising decision to not show Jordan’s face in the film was made simply because the sportsman’s frame is too singular to recreate convincingly.

Air is out in cinemas now.

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