The questions Meghan Markle will need to answer to become a UK citizen

Royal sources want her application be treated as anyone else's

Rachel Hosie
Wednesday 29 November 2017 13:44

Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle is expected to have to take a UK Citizenship Test before becoming an official Briton.

The American actress is from Los Angeles and is due to marry Prince Harry in May 2018.

However she will have to go through the official citizenship process like anyone else.

This includes a Life in the UK test which is then followed by a four-week wait for the results.

It costs £50 to take the test, which covers topics including culture, politics and history.

The Guide for New Residents - which claims to be the only official handbook for the Life in the UK test and is recommended by the Government - features practice questions for those planning on undertaking the test.

Subjects include Shakespeare, EastEnders and, interestingly for Markle, the Royal Family.

Here are some of the questions (the answers are below):

1. Which festival is celebrated on 31 October?

  • a) Valentine’s Day
  • b) Bonfire Night
  • c) Halloween
  • d) Hogmanay

2. Is the statement below true or false?

  • The British constitution is contained in a single written document.

3. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • a) EastEnders and Coronation Street are popular television programmes.
  • b) EastEnders and Coronation Street are historical landmarks.

4. In 1999, what happened to hereditary peers in the House of Lords?

  • a) Their numbers were greatly increased.
  • b) Their salaries were stopped.
  • c) Women were allowed to inherit their titles.
  • d) They lost their automatic right to attend the House of Lords.

5. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • a) In 1588 the English defeated a Spanish invasion fleet of ships.
  • b) In 1588 the English defeated a German invasion fleet of bomber planes.

6. What is the name of the UK currency?

  • a) Dollar
  • b) Euro
  • c) Pound sterling
  • d) Yen

7. Is the statement below true or false?

  • British scientists were the first to clone a mammal successfully. The animal was a rabbit.

8. Which stories are associated with Geoffrey Chaucer?

  • a) The Westbury Tales
  • b) The Ambridge Tales
  • c) The London Tales
  • d) The Canterbury Tales

The exam is 24 questions long.

Royal sources say they wish Markle’s application to be treated as any other person’s, and Prince Harry’s communication's secretary Jason Knauf says the process will be “compliant with immigration requirements at all time,” the Mail Online reports.

“I can also say she intends to become a UK citizen and will go through the process of that, which some of you may know takes a number of years,” Knauf added. “She will retain her US citizenship through that process.”


1. C, 2. False, 3. A, 4. D, 5. A, 6. C, 7. False, 8. D

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