What happened when a fashion blogger spent a week wearing the cheapest clothes she could find

eBay clothing can be a hit or miss

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Tuesday 02 January 2018 20:08 GMT

Shopping for new outfits for a holiday in Hawaii can add up - unless you go the route of fashion blogger Mia Maples and buy them from eBay.

Planning out her outfits months in advance - because that is how long it took for some of the items to arrive from far-flung retailers - Maples decided to spend her holiday in clothes she bought for about $5 or under from the online auction site.

Filming her clothing experiment for YouTube in a new video, the blogger shows off each item before donning it while on vacation with her family.

While some of the clothes looked a little iffy upon first glance - and on - some of the outfits turned out surprisingly well.

Here’s a rundown of the outfits Maples wore - and the rating each outfit received from the fashion blogger.

Day One

On her first day in paradise, Mia wore a red floral dress, which she purchased from eBay for $5.44 (£4).

The dress turned out to be completely see-through so Mia opted to wear it as a cover-up for the beach instead.

The dress was completely sheer
Maples wore the dress as a cover-up instead

But “the straps kept sliding off” and the blogger noticed “You can’t actually tell what is the front and what is the back so it is like nothing is shaped differently to stay up on you.”

As a beach cover-up: 8/10

As a dress: 2/10

Day Two

For day two, Mia wore the “outfit she was most excited for,” which turned out to be our favourite.

Pairing a knock-off Calvin Klein crop top with some high-waisted workout shorts and a suede-like black baseball cap to go for a hike, the outfit fit well and looked good.

Maples was not a huge fan of the hat size
The "Calvin Klein" top was a hit

Although she expressed concern over the hat, “the beak feels a lot longer than a normal hat,” the shirt was a win for Mia because “it was really comfortable.”

But you could tell the shorts were made from cheaper material from the unravelling of the strings.

Mia forgot to rate the outfit so we did it for her.

Hiking outfit: 9/10

Day Three

On her third day of holiday, Mia ditched a pair of blue pants she had ordered because they “sucked,” but wore a black silk top with lace.

The top, which felt like “real silk” turned out to be her “absolute favourite thing from the entire eBay haul.”

This black lace shirt was the blogger's favourite item

According to Mia, the top comes in other colours and she is planning on buying those too.

Black lace top: 10/10

Day Four

Mia only wore a top from her eBay purchases on day four, not a full outfit, because she had originally planned to wear it with the blue pants.

She paired the Ebay pink frilly shirt, which was “really great quality” with a pair of overalls to go flea market shopping.

The blogger paired the top with overalls 

If you like the top, Mia urged her followers to “just go and buy it because it was super inexpensive and awesome.”

Mia loved this top 

Mia forgot to rate this top as well so we took over.

Pink frilly top: 10/10

Day Five

On her fifth and final day of eBay outfits, Mia had returned back home.

Saving the worst for last, Mia’s final outfit consisted of a salmon-coloured skirt with overall straps and a white tube top.

According to Mia, this is the “one outfit that she didn’t think through and just wasn’t a good idea.”

The fashion blogger thought this outfit felt like a kleenex

The straps “were way too long and kept falling off” and the skirt felt like “a kleenex.”

However, the tube top was actually quite nice because “how could you mess up a tube-top.”

The rating says it all.

Skirt with overalls: 1/10

Overall, the $5 clothes from Mia’s eBay haul turned out to be surprisingly cute. So if you’re planning a holiday, or just want to shop on a budget, it looks like eBay may be a useful place to start.

Just prepare for a long wait once you press order.

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