Mindfulness and thankfulness are the key to getting rich
Mindfulness and thankfulness are the key to getting rich

Get rich by writing thank-you letters to your money, expert says

"I love you and I wish I had more of you"

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Friday 14 April 2017 15:47

A woman who tripled her income just months after struggling to pay her bills says the secret to financial success is writing a letter to your money.

Jen Sincero - the author of a new book on how to save and make more cash - affords mindfulness and thankfulness as the key to getting rich.

“Gratitude is what builds up the emotional reservoir that helps you kick serious ass,” she told Well & Good.

If you’re looking to make more dosh, Sincero insists that the first step is to count your blessings on paper by starting a gratitude journal for your money.

Here, she says you should write down at least five amazing things your money paid for that day. From Uber journeys to lunch and even basic things like running water, taking stock will help you appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t.

Similarly, she also suggests writing a letter to you money to air any bad vibes and work towards healing your relationship with your finances.

“Write down everything you feel about money—‘I love you;’ ‘I wish I had more of you;’ ‘I don’t trust you;’

“Then, look at the ones that aren’t quite so pretty and figure out how you can shift them to be in a more positive, grateful space.”

But, it’s not enough to just be thankful. Sincero says it’s also important to build an emotional connection with your money, even if you feel there’s not much to be grateful for.

You might be in debt but she says there’s always something to appreciate if you look hard enough.

She also suggests that being more mindful of the unexpected ways money comes to you and how great it is to be able to pay for things.

That way, you’ll feel thankful even when small amounts cash show up in your life.

When you finally find yourself in a comfortable space with money, Sincero says it’s okay to brag a little too.

With wealth often comes the expectation that you’re supposed to keep schtum but she insists that expressing gratitude for your financial security out loud is really powerful tool.

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