Mother praised for making daughter pay for ruining stepsister’s $3,000 quinceañera dress

‘This isn’t taking sides, it’s good parenting,’ one person claims

Brittany Miller
New York
Thursday 16 November 2023 21:01 GMT

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A mother has questioned whether she did the right thing after forcing her daughter to pay for the cost of her stepsister’s quinceañera dress after she ruined it.

In a recent post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, the mother explained that her oldest teenage daughter Bethany is white, while her stepdaughter Maria is of Mexican descent. The two girls have been in each other’s lives for almost 10 years, getting along well until now.

Because Maria is almost 15 years old, she gets to celebrate her birthday with a quinceañera, a party known in Latin America as a girl’s transition into womanhood.

For the party, Maria and her father’s ex-wife went out to purchase her a dress, which ultimately cost $3,000 for both the dress and alterations. Throughout the lead-up to the quinceañera, Bethany has expressed a lot of jealousy over her sister’s party, according to the Reddit poster.

“I’ve informed her it is part of the culture just like when she had a huge sweet sixteen party with her friends. I spent more time with her to try to make her feel better about it and got her own much cheaper dress for the party,” the mother wrote.

However, the jealousy came to a head when the stepsisters ended up getting into an argument. “The party is supposed to be in two weeks but my daughter, after an argument with Maria about the TV, scribbled Sharpie all over the expensive dress and ripped the back. The short story was that everyone was pissed,” the Reddit poster wrote.

After giving her husband and his ex-wife the money for a new dress, the mother decided to teach Bethany about the consequences of her actions by punishing her to get a job and pay back the full price of the dress.

AITA for making my oldest pay back a 3,000 dollar dress she ruined
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