<p>Man goes viral on TikTok after sharing video of his mother interrupting proposal</p>

Man goes viral on TikTok after sharing video of his mother interrupting proposal

TikTok of mother stopping her son from proposing leaves viewers horrified: ‘Yikes’

‘This is why you don’t ever propose in front of others,’ one viewer wrote

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Friday 30 July 2021 15:33
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A man has left TikTok users horrified after sharing the moment his mother seemingly stopped him from proposing to his significant other.

Dan, who goes by the username @catdaddan on TikTok, reflected on the moment in a recent video shared to the app, in which he can be seen standing next to his then-girlfriend with a ring in his pocket.

In the clip, which is captioned: “To the girl I was going to propose to, but my mom put a stop to it…” the pair smile and pose next to one another, before Dan’s girlfriend stands up on a ledge as he appears prepared to get down on one knee.

However, at that moment, a woman identified by Dan as his mother can be heard yelling: “Danny, no! Get down from there. No.”

In the caption, Dan revealed that his father had been recording at the moment, and hadn’t known what to do, so kept the camera running.

“My dad didn’t know what to do, so he just kept recording,” Dan wrote.

The video has since been viewed more than 9.4m times on TikTok, where hundreds of people have expressed their discomfort and horror over the awkward scenario.

“I hope this is a joke,” one person commented, while another said: “Lucky girl, she dodged a bullet.”

Others accused Dan of being the issue for allowing his mother to be the reason he didn’t propose, with someone else commenting: “Your MOM put a stop to it??? What are you, a child??”

“Your mother is in love with you and not in a good way,” another viewer declared.

As for whether Dan ended up proposing, he responded to one comment betting “$1m you still did it,” that he didn’t “at that moment”.

However, in a follow-up video, in which he responded to a commentor who called the woman in the video “lucky” for not ending up with someone who allows their parents to make major decisions in their life, Dan revealed that she is not “too lucky,” as they ended up engaged anyway, and took their engagement photos in the very same spot.

“So I didn’t propose at that moment, for obvious reasons,” Dan explained, before showing a picture from the engagement photoshoot. “But she didn’t get too lucky, and to commemorate the moment, we ended up taking our engagement photos on the wall.”

The realisation that the pair still got married prompted one person to assume that Dan’s mother “probably wore white to the wedding,” to which he jokingly responded: “No. It was after Labor Day.”

As for his mother’s reaction to her viral fame, another video shared by Dan sees him showing his mother the clip on his phone, which prompts her to laugh before declaring her son “so rude for making fun out of it”.

The Independent has contacted Dan for comment.

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