<p>Bride praised for bridal party survey suggestion </p>

Bride praised for bridal party survey suggestion

Bride-to-be goes viral on TikTok after sharing lengthy survey she sent to all her bridesmaids: ‘This is genius’

‘A great idea and so considerate,’ one viewer wrote

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 28 July 2021 20:39

A bride has earned praise on TikTok after detailing how she used Google Forms surveys to better communicate with her bridal party.

Last month, Talia Morales, 29, who goes by the username @onemorwolfe on TikTok, explained her wedding planning method for her four bridesmaids and one maid of honour on TikTok, where she explained in a four-part series why she relied on a survey.

In the first clip, Morales explained that the “easiest” way she found to communicate with her bridal party about topics such as dress preference, bachelorette party ideas and budget was to use Google Forms, as it allows her to easily view and reference their answers when wedding planning.

After explaining her idea in the first video, Morales then shared with her TikTok followers the survey she made for her bridal party, which began with a brief message about the duties required of the women.

The TikTok then saw Morales scroll down to a section on the survey about her wedding theme and wedding colours, before revealing that the first question she asked her bridal party to fill in was their name.

“Then I asked them questions like: ‘If they want to stay all together in a hotel room or an Airbnb the day of the wedding,” with Morales explaining that she gave the bridal party the option to choose variations of “yes,” “no,’ or “maybe”.

The bride-to-be also asked her friends if they wanted to have their hair and makeup professionally done, as she noted that she has to be mindful about the costs for the bridal party, especially if they are required to purchase their own dresses as well.

In the survey, Morales then included a question for her bridal party about the budget they are most comfortable with in regards to their bridesmaid dresses, as well as a question about their style preference, which also included reference photos of potential dress options.

“I’m not very picky on the style but I do want them to wear a specific colour and to be uniform,” Morales explained. “Everybody has different body types so I’m open to any style, but I do want the same colour.”

In the third video, the 29-year-old revealed that she also included survey questions about shoe preference and availability, with one question asking her bridal party to share dates they were free to go dress shopping.

Morales also used the form to ask her bridal party for their thoughts on her bachelorette party, with the survey encouraging the women to share any destinations they had in mind or other fun ideas, as well as what dates they would be available to go on the trip and what timeframe would be preferred.

The bride-to-be concluded the survey with an open-ended question, which she said her bridal party could use to share any questions or concerns about her upcoming nuptials or any of the expectations required of bridesmaids.

In the final video, Morales shared with her followers what it looks like on Google Forms when you receive responses to the survey, explaining that you are able to see answers individually or as a group.

“And I really like this because it lets you see who said what when it comes to different questions,” Morales said, adding that the form also lets you “go back and forth to compare and contrast”.

“So if I were you, and you’re a bride, use this method,” Morales concluded.

Since sharing the technique, the videos have been liked more than 220,000 times, with many viewers praising Morales for the suggestion.

“This is great! I would do it as a great way to get anonymous feedback for budgets,” one person commented, while another said: “Absolutely love this. I’m proposing to my bridesmaids in a couple weeks and this will be so helpful.”

Someone else applauded the bride-to-be for being considerate of her bridal party, writing: “This is exactly what every bride should do. This is really considerate of your bridesmaids’ budget, time and schedule and I love it.”

As for why she chose to use a survey, Morales told Fox News that she considers herself to be “organised and detailed,” and that now that she is wedding planning, “those skills truly radiate”.

“Planning a wedding is no easy task and the more organised, prepared, and detailed, the better,” she explained, adding that she also wanted to be mindful and considerate of her bridal party. “They will be standing next to me on one of the most memorable days of my life. The least I can do is be mindful of their spending and their time.”

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