Ford joins Frankfurt automakers in debuting e-bike

Monday 19 September 2011 19:46

Ford has become the latest automaker to swap four wheels for two, display a futuristic e-bike concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The American automaker follows European rival Daimler in producing an e-bike, which supplements pedal-power with a small electric motor to make urban mobility a less exhausting affair.

Unlike the E-Bike from Daimler's Smart brand, Ford's offering is not planned to hit the production lines any time soon, although it does offer an interesting glimpse at the way automakers are exploring the fusion of electric power with mobility.

The E-Bike is designed to appeal to both men and women, boasting a trapezoidal frame profile and a lightweight construction from aluminium and carbon.

Like the Smart E-Bike, the drive mechanism is totally hidden from view, with a lithium-ion battery and motor concealed artfully inside the frame and capable of kicking in to give a range of up to 85 kilometres.

Ford says that 'magneorestrictive' sensors, also used in Formula One cars, have been integrated into the design to activate and deactivate the motor within a fraction of a second - the first time such technology has been used on a bike.

The Frankfurt Motor Show runs through September 25 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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