Blogger reveals what life is actually like after 'perfect' family photo is taken

She wants to remind mothers not to compare their lives to what they see on Instagram

Chelsea Ritschel
Monday 17 September 2018 21:34 BST
Revie Jane Schulz describes what motherhood is really like (Instagram)
Revie Jane Schulz describes what motherhood is really like (Instagram)

A blogger has revealed how messy life can be behind the "perfect" photograph of her family - and it’s resonating with other mothers.

Revie Jane Schulz has built her impressive Instagram following by posting aesthetically-pleasing photos of herself, her husband and her two young daughters.

However, the blogger from Australia recently revealed that the perfect moments she captures on camera only last momentarily - and they’re typically followed by messes and other normal motherhood duties.

On a photograph of Schulz posing with her two daughters, all dressed in khaki, the mum-of-two described what her life is actually like.

“#PicturePerfect right?! Well, you know, apart from the fact that everyone on the gram knows five minutes before this was taken I was scrubbing the remnants of a poop explosion off my shoes from morning shenanigans,” she wrote. “Just goes to show we shouldn’t compare our lives to these tiny squares.”

The blogger also honestly described her life in a previous photo, in which she expressed the “defeat” she felt that day after a morning of caring for and cleaning up after her children.

“When I sat back down to breakfast I felt so defeated, I wanted to tell everyone else at the restaurant that ‘I used to have my sh*t together you know!’” she wrote.

“But probs come off a little crazy so I just sat there and ate my breakfast while my two-year-old told me what order I should eat everything and ‘don’t butter your toast like that mummy.’”

The mum-of-two continued that #ParentLife is “ruthless” and that “there is no ‘get out of jail free’ card."

“It would actually be more of a break to go to jail overnight,” she joked.

Schulz’ honesty has been met with approval from her more than 174,000 followers - who have praised her for sharing what motherhood is really like away from the camera.

“The realest post I’ve ever read! I agree with the jail part. If only everyone was this transparent. Thank you for making us mamas not feel so alone. You got this girl!” another mum commented.

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