New onion grown that won't make you cry

No more crying over chopped onions

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Tuesday 09 January 2018 16:18 GMT

If you bawl your eyes out when chopping up onions, like most of the population, then we have some good news.

The “sunion,” an onion 30 years in the making, will hit shelves soon - and it promises to bring an end to your dicing tears.

A sweeter, crunchier, smaller version of the typical onion, the “sunion” is the result of natural onion cross-breeding, meaning no genetic modification was involved.

Rather, the new onion simply lacks the volatile compounds responsible for pungency and tearing.

With typical onions, these compounds, which form sulphuric acid when they come into contact with the water in your eyes, remain stable or increase during storage.

But with sunions the levels actually decrease over time, resulting in an onion variety that becomes sweeter, milder, and tearless.

And because the process of creation is natural, there is a strong level of consistency from bulb to bulb - so you will never find yourself crying over an unlucky onion choice in the supermarket.

Sunions are the future

The tearless onions will be available in the US come March, as they are currently only grown in Nevada and Washington.

However, Bayer, the company behind the new and improved onion, has plans to expand their growing capabilities so those in the UK can also experience the joy of cutting onions tear-free.

It looks like we can finally throw those onion chopping goggles away.

The Independent has reached out to Bayer Crop Science for comment.

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