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The internet is not on the side of the woman who ate 48 oysters on a date

Woman was ditched by her date and left with the bill after she ordered staggering amount of oysters

Meredith Clark
New York
Tuesday 17 October 2023 11:42 BST
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A woman has gone viral after she ate a whopping amount of oysters on a date. Now, the internet believes her date was in the right for sneaking out the bathroom and leaving her to foot the bill.

The woman, who goes by EquanaB on TikTok, shared her experience of the date gone wrong in a video that has been viewed more than one million times. She met up with her date at Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta, Georgia, where they offer a dozen oysters for $15.

She proceeded to order a plate of a dozen oysters, followed by three more. By the end of the date, she consumed a total of 48 oysters and didn’t hold back from loudly slurping each one. “When the fourth one came out he was looking at me crazy, I didn’t give a f***,” she said in the viral video. “I had to. It was so good.”

However, the 48 oysters didn’t stop her from also ordering an entree of crabcakes and red potatoes. But when the check came, her date - who she said only ordered one drink - told her that he was going to the bathroom but he never returned.

“Why the f*** [he] say he was going to the bathroom and never come back? I’m like, hold on. It’s been 10, 20, 30 minutes,” she told her followers.

Although she paid the check, which came to a total of $184 before tip, she still confronted her date for leaving over text and shared a screenshot of their conversation. “Running out on a tab is crazyyy,” she texted him, to which he replied: “I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food. I can Cash App the total for the drinks.”

While the woman was appalled by her date for leaving her with the bill, the entire internet seemed to take the side of her date, mainly citing her large order and filming herself loudly eating the oysters.

“I don’t know what’s worse, the 48 oysters as an APPETIZER or the insane slurping and smacking,” commented one user on TikTok.

“He literally said can we meet for drinks then you proceeded to slurp down half the ocean,” another person wrote.

“I would have bounced too and the tab would have been the least of my concern,” a third user wrote, while someone else said: “I could barely LISTEN to you slurping so I can imagine how bad it was to actually watch it.”

However, others didn’t blame the woman for enjoying herself and the 48 oysters on her date. “I keep coming back to this video because them oysters look so good,” said one person.

Another wrote: “I’m not mad at either one of y’all, like I see both sides. I love oysters but also could not imagine someone smacking on them for 10+ mins.”

In a follow-up video, others criticised her for leaving a $26 tip, which was about 14 per cent of the bill. “Y’all didn’t even tip 20 per cent after all that,” said one user.

While many people on the internet were stunned by her ability to eat 48 oysters in one sitting, the general manager of Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta says the woman’s date etiquette was actually quite typical for the restaurant. In an interview with Rolling Stone, general manager Kelcey Flanagan, who was working that night, said: “This is nothing new for us. It was just quite funny.”

“I’ve had two ladies order six dozen [oysters] each,” she added. “That’s not even the cherry on top - they were drinking white Russians. I didn’t know how to personally feel about that. I was just like, this is insane to me, but okay.”

Flanagan has also seen competitive oyster-eaters come in on special nights, saying: “I had this one guy that was in an oyster-eating competition order 15 dozen.”

“I will say, it had been a minute since I had a single female eat that many,” she said. “But then, you know, she was eating crackers and things like that. But yeah, she put it away. It’s pretty impressive.”

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