Prince Harry says he often feels ‘overwhelmed by problems in the world’

Duke made comments while visiting Auwal Mosque in Cape Town

Sabrina Barr@fabsab5
Wednesday 25 September 2019 08:00

The Duke of Sussex has spoken of feeling “overwhelmed” by the problems the world is facing while visiting a mosque with the Duchess of Sussex.

The duke and duchess are currently in South Africa as part of a royal tour, which began earlier this week.

On the second day of the trip, the royal couple made an appearance at the Auwal Mosque in the Bo-Kaap district, the first and oldest mosque in South Africa.

During their visit, they met students who are participating in the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, a programme that aims to encourage discourse and tolerance between religions.

Peter Oki, an 18-year-old Anglican Christian from Lagos, Nigeria who is studying politics and sociology at the University of Cape Town, asked Meghan and Prince Harry what they hope their “legacy” will be.

“Harry said that he often woke up and felt overwhelmed by too many problems in the world,” Oki said.

“That sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings because of all the issues.”

Oki added that despite the negative impact the happenings of the world can have on Prince Harry’s mental wellbeing, the duke said he “wanted to use their platform to enable grass-roots change and to try and create a better society”.

Meghan and Prince Harry also engaged in an empowering discussion with Banzi Bottoman, a 17-year-old Christian who attends Gardens Commercial High School in Cape Town.

Bottoman spoke to the royal couple about how a person’s appearance shouldn’t determine how they are treated by others.

“Just because some looks different to how I do, that doesn’t make me inferior to anyone else,” the student said.

“We need to build bridges between people of different heritages.”

Meghan replied by saying Bottoman’s “meaningful” statement gave her “chills”, while Prince Harry gestured to his heart, stating: “You can feel that you’re speaking from here.”

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