Meghan Markle gushes over Prince Harry during Nigeria visit: ‘You see why I’m married to him?’

Couple is spending three days in Nigeria for the 10th anniversary of Invictus Games

Brittany Miller
New York
Friday 10 May 2024 16:53 BST
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The Duchess of Sussex has been more than happy to show off her husband, the Duke of Sussex.

On Friday 10 May, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the first stop of their Nigeria visit, where the two spoke at the mental health summit with the local nonprofit the GEANCO Foundation, supported by the couple’s Archwell Foundation at the Lightway Academy in Abuja.

Meghan and Harry will be in the country for three days to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, which Harry founded back in 2014.

During the couple’s visit, they were also able to watch the children at the school showcase their talents, with the students putting on a dance and showing Meghan and Harry the robots they’ve built in a STEM class.

The duke and duchess also gave speeches, with Harry going first and touching on the topic of mental health. “If I say mental health do you know what it means?” he began, while asking the students and staff members to raise their hands.

“In some cases around the world, in more than you would believe, there is a stigma when it comes to mental health. Too many people don’t want to talk about it because it’s invisible. It’s something in our mind that we can’t see. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist.”

He continued: “It’s something that we are still relatively unsure of. But guess what? Every single person in this room, the youngest, the oldest, every single person has mental health. So therefore, you have to look after yourself to be able to look after other people. And other people have to be able to look after themselves, to look after you. That’s the way it works. And there is no shame to be able to acknowledge that today is a bad day, okay?”

Following his speech, Meghan couldn’t help but show off how much she loves her husband. She told the crowd: “You see why I’m married to him?” before starting her own speech. “It’s so inspiring because he speaks the truth.”

Her speech also touched on mental health, as she noted that there is no shame in any aspects of their lives, no matter what they’ve specifically gone through.

“Every single one of you has a story. We all have our story. And there’s no shame in any single one of your stories. Even on the hardest days or darkest days, everything is a pillar of your strength by each of you being there,” she said. “Your teachers see that in you. And we see that in you.”

Meghan also took the opportunity to mention the couple’s young daughter, three-year-old Princess Lilibet.

“Interestingly, so does our daughter, Lili; she’s much tinier than you guys, about to turn three,” her speech continued.

“A few weeks ago, she looked at me and saw her reflection in my eyes. She said: ‘Mama, I see me in you.’ Now, she was talking literally, but I held onto those words in a different way. I thought, yes, I do see me in you, and you see me in you. But as I look around this room, I see myself in all of you as well.”

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