Prince Harry makes first appearance since South Park controversy

The royal answered 15 questions about his personal life

Ellie Muir
Wednesday 01 March 2023 15:16 GMT
Prince Harry discusses Americanisms in first public appearance since Spare drama

The Duke of Sussex made a surprise appearance in a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday (28 February).

It marks the first time Prince Harry has appeared on our screens since the release of his tell-all memoir Spare in January, and the Sussexes’ Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan in the same month.

As part of the “Colbert Questionert” segment of the show, Harry answered 15 questions that Colbert has previously asked a range of celebrities. The questions ranged from the best sandwich he’s eaten to "describe the rest of your life in five words" and Harry’s favourite smell.

When asked about his favourite scent, Harry answered, “my wife”, referring to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

The duke’s favourite sandwich is a "cheese and ham toastie with dijon mustard on top” made in a “toastie machine,” he clarified to Colbert, who admitted he had not heard the word “toastie” before.

“Like a panini press?” Colbert asked.

“I have to be sort of careful with these questions because the Americanisms to the British-isms, it’s very different, Prince Harry said. “[That] got me and my wife into a little trouble at the beginning of our relationship.”

He also told Colbert that he was afraid of snakes and that the most used app on his phone is the mental health coaching platform called BetterUp.

Prince Harry also revealed that he was afraid of snakes: "I don’t like sharks but at least they’re contained to the ocean. Snakes can get anywhere."

His most used phone app is the BetterUp coaching platform, he told Colbert.

“It’s the quickest access to mental health coaching,” he said, having been open about his use of therapy and counselling in the past.

Prince Harry made a surprise appearance in a Q&A segment of the show
Prince Harry made a surprise appearance in a Q&A segment of the show (CBS)

Answering the question “five words that describe the rest of your life”, Harry responded: “Freedom, happiness, clarity, space, love.”

The appearance comes after a recent episode of South Park mocked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to reports, the episode didn’t go down well with the royal couple.

Earlier this month, the adult animation series set its sights on the pair in an episode titled “The World-Wide Privacy Tour”.

While their names are not specifically mentioned in the episode, the characters featured are a red-headed prince and his wife, who wears an outfit that is noticeably similar to one Markle has worn in the past.

The latest episode shows the prince character promoting a book titled Waaaagh, which appears to be a reference to Harry’s memoir, Spare, which was published in January.

The memoir was released on 10 January, in which the duke claimed that his brother William physically attacked him and that the Prince and Princess of Wales disapproved of Meghan. Though the royal family have not made a statement about their response to Harry’s memoir, relations between the family are said to be fraught.

Harry’s TV interview also came as Meghan made her first public appearance since the controversy, starring in a promotional video on Instagram for Clevr Blends, a coffee brand she invested in several years ago.

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