When did you realise you were getting old?
When did you realise you were getting old?

When you realise you're old: Awful hangovers, saggy breasts and early bedtimes

There's little you can do to escape the fact you're getting on a bit

Sarah Young
Wednesday 08 February 2017 15:23

Do you find yourself incessantly checking for grey hairs, skulking round the house in your slippers and turning your nose up at a £5 bottle of wine?

If so, chances are you’re officially getting old.

While most of us like to think that we’re young, or youngish at least, there are inevitable signs that a coming of age is looming.

But, just what does it take for you to realise that you’re getting on? A mob of old-timers took to Reddit to reveal all.

For many, the most noticeable mark of old age is signified by a trading in of big nights out on the town for a seriously early night.

“I used to be able to stay up all night and party. I can't even stay up until midnight anymore,” one person confessed.

Others agreed adding, “It's 8.19pm right now. I'm in bed, on Reddit,” and, “By 3pm I'm damn near comatose.”

For the more adventurous types who dare to let their hair down, the morning after one too many proves unbearable.

“The hangovers. Oh Jesus, the hangovers,” one person said.

“I remember killing it in undergrad, mixing beer, liquor, wine... wake up fine and do it all over again the next night.

“Now trying to find something that doesn't give me a two day hangover after just two drinks is like a minefield.”

Another agreed simply stating, “The hangovers make me want to die.”

Aside from attitudinal differences, others declared more physical changes a tell-tale sign of ageing; particularly when it comes to hair.

And, we don’t mean your luscious locks.

“That one anomalous chin hair at age 31 turned into 100 wiry little beasts that I have to pluck once a week at age 41,” someone admitted.

Another person shared a similar experience saying, “Just turned 53! My nose hair grows faster than my leg hair.”

“Girl wait til you get your first grey pubes! That’s a tough one!” one woman added.

Other signs people shared included getting their first liver spot on their hand, sagging breasts and having no idea who any of the bands young people talk about are anymore.

Aside from the assumed negatives, one person was keen to declare that not everything about getting old sucks.

“Experience has made me give waaaay fewer s***s about what others think of me.

Makes it so much easier to get what I want and cut the toxic people out of my life.”

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