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Southwest Airlines pilot makes sweet announcement during his first flight with baby daughter on board

‘Talk about precious cargo,’ says Southwest Airlines

Meredith Clark
New York
Thursday 14 March 2024 15:03 GMT
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A Southwest Airlines pilot has marked his first flight with his baby daughter on board in the sweetest way possible.

In a viral TikTok video, posted by Southwest Airlines, a pilot named Ben is seen speaking over the plane’s public address system while holding a baby girl. “Hey everyone, this is your first officer Ben. I’ll be taking us up to Denver today,” he began the announcement.

“Joined with me is little miss Ellie Rose,” the pilot said, bouncing his infant daughter up and down in his arms. “She is my daughter, so this is a very special flight for me. This is her first flight with me as her pilot.”

The Southwest Airlines pilot noted that Ellie Rose wouldn’t be flying solo, as her mother was also a passenger on the flight. While he joked that his baby girl “won’t remember” the important milestone, he maintained that they have “a lot more memories to come”.

Although babies on planes might make any passenger a little worried about the potential sound of crying, the father assured travellers that his daughter is pleasant “90 per cent” of the time. “The good news is 90 per cent of the time she is very giggly. The bad news is 10 per cent of the time she has some serious pipes,” he warned.

“So, I hope you get the 90 per cent and if not… blame her mother,” the pilot jokingly added. “Enjoy the flight and we’ll see you in Denver.”

Since it was posted to TikTok on Wednesday 13 March, the video has been viewed two million times. In the caption, Southwest Airlines wrote: “Talk about precious cargo.”

Meanwhile, many TikTokers took to the comments section to gush over the sweet father-daughter moment.

“His face before speaking,” one person noted. “He was so ready to introduce her.”

“The way she looked at him announcing that it’s their first fight together,” another said. “She was so proud.”

“This is so cute,” said someone else. “He was so proud and excited.”

Others simply pointed out how safe they’d feel flying on a plane where the pilot’s daughter is also a passenger.

“The way I would be so happy thinking he’d fly extra carefully with his baby on board,” said one person, while another wrote: “I would feel so safe on that flight.”

This isn’t the first time a member of airplane staff has made a sweet announcement before take-off. Last year, a United Airlines pilot went viral when he shared a video of the pre-flight announcement he made on a plane from Washington, DC, to Madrid, Spain. The pilot, Cole Doss, was marking his first-ever flight with his mother as a flight attendant.

In his announcement, Doss said that there were some of the “most talented flight attendants” on the plane, including his “exceptional mom”.

“She’s been one of my biggest supporters in my life and in my career becoming a pilot, ever since my very first flight lesson,” he said before plane passengers started to clap for him.

Doss explained that he was thrilled to be working on the same flight as his mother for the first time in his career, adding: “I’m especially honoured and excited to be able to fly her for the first time today and to be able to share this experience with all of you on our flight to Madrid.

“To my mom, I love you. And to everyone on board, welcome aboard our family-friendly skies.”

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