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Man learns he was denied job after being accidentally CC’d in HR email: ‘So let’s reject him’

‘I need to know every single detail’

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 22 November 2022 07:10 GMT
Man reveals he found out he was denied job because HR CC'd him into email

A man has revealed that he learnt he was denied a job after the company’s human resources department accidentally copied him into an email chain.

Alexander, who goes by the username @noveltygay on TikTok, joked about the incident in a video uploaded on Monday, in which he included a screenshot of the email he received from a coffee company’s hiring manager.

According to the screenshot, the email read: “Well that’s interesting okay so let’s reject him…”

“Yeah breakups hurt and stuff but have y’all ever been CC’d on HR emails talking about why they don’t wanna hire you?” Alexander wrote in a text caption on the video, adding in the caption: “Hate it here.”

The video has been viewed more than 1.5m times, with viewers horrified by the company’s mistake.

“I need to know every single detail,” one person commented, while another said: “Please tell me you wrote back on the email chain.”

In a follow-up video, Alexander revealed that he had applied to work for the company on three separate occasions, including three weeks prior to the TikTok, and in December before that.

According to Alexander, as discussed in the HR email, the company ultimately decided not to hire him because he did not show up for an interview in December.

“They had supposedly sent me an interview time for this company, I had never gotten it,” Alexander said in the video, after showing a brief communication between the company and himself that ultimately went unanswered in December. “I applied again later on and this email proved to me that they had thought they sent me interview times and they had not. It was not my fault I didn’t show up for the interview.”

Alexander said the situation is triggering for him because he would never “no call, no show” for an interview, especially when he was “knocked on my a** broke as sh*t”.

As for how he handled the company’s HR email, Alexander said that he responded: “Ouch,” before sending another email in which he clarified that he had tried to set up an interview with the company in December but never heard back. According to the TikToker, he included screenshots of his correspondence with the company that backed up his claims.

Alexander concluded the email acknowledging that he has no intention of working for a company that is “disorganised” as he is a “good” employee and has trained under “nationally certified baristas”.

The video and Alexander’s handing of the situation prompted support from viewers, who assured the TikToker that he wouldn’t want to work for the company.

“So unprofessional on their end!” one person commented, while another said: “You lucked out. They sound like a huge red flag.”

The Independent has contacted Alexander for comment.

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