(Instagram @crystal_breeze_) Crystal Breeze put Tinder matches to the test
(Instagram @crystal_breeze_) Crystal Breeze put Tinder matches to the test

Woman on Tinder tests matches by switching to photos from when she was 100lbs heavier

'There are some nice guys out there'

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 31 January 2018 18:42

Are connections made on Tinder only skin-deep? One woman attempted to find out.

YouTuber Crystal Adame, 20, who goes by Crystal Breeze, carried out an experiment on the dating app to find out whether her matches would still be interested in her if she wasn’t thin - and the results are surprising.

Crystal, who lost 100lb last year after starting an extreme weight loss plan, now receives a lot of attention online for her looks.

But the vlogger was curious whether the same men would be interested in her if she had never lost the weight - so she experimented.

Posting the results of her “social experiment” on her YouTube, Crystal began her research by adding “Shoot me your best pick up line” to her bio - before swiping right on as many men as possible.

After she had run out of free likes, Crystal started interacting and flirting with her matches. And once she had their attention, she switched out her recent pictures for old ones where she was heavier.

Crystal then asked the men, “So I was using fake pics before, what do you think about me now? I’m using real pics.”

According to Crystal, one guy instantly unmatched her. But her other matches weren’t as quick to fall for the catfish.

One called her out - accurately guessing that the heavy pictures were old.

And one match told Crystal she was cute regardless, and “it’s not about the outside, but the inside anyway,” before asking her if she wanted to meet up.

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But perhaps the most surprising part of the experiment was what happened after Crystal revealed the truth to her matches, that she was filming the interactions for a YouTube video and she was actually thin.

According to Crystal, one match wrote “Woah, not cool” after she told the truth.

In the end, Crystal said she was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. She said: “I didn’t expect those couple of guys to be like, ‘oh you’re cute.’ It just made me feel good.”

And although she didn’t think men would still like her at the heavier weight, she said: “The outcome that I got was, yes, there are guys who will like you either way and wouldn't be upset with it.”

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