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How to shop without supporting Trump

Consumers are looking to purchase from companies that align with their views

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Friday 26 June 2020 19:19 BST
How to not support Trump while shopping (Stock)
How to not support Trump while shopping (Stock)

As the United States heads towards another presidential election, many citizens are looking for ways beyond voting to ensure they are not supporting President Trump.

One method, first popularised in 2016 with the creation of the #GrabYourWallet list, encouraged American consumers to avoid purchasing products from brands that donate to or work with the Trump administration.

“People are realising that they have a vote everyday with their purchasing power, and they can take a stand every single day with how they spend their money,” Nathan Lerner, executive director at the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, previously told Forbes.

Since President Trump took office, numerous other apps, websites and lists have been created for the same reason - to educate consumers into making conscious decisions about how they spend their money.

These are some of the resources dedicated to exposing brands’ connections to the Trump administration.

GrabYourWallet spreadsheet

Co-founded by brand and digital strategist Shannon Coulter as a hashtag on Twitter, #GrabYourWallet has continued to keep an updated list of retailers with financial ties to the president.

In addition to advocating against brands that support the Trump administration, the GrabYourWallet list also aims to “expand opportunities for women, people of colour, and other traditionally marginalised communities,” according to its website.

“Whether you're a consumer, a worker, an investor or all three, the mission of the alliance is to help you exercise your economic power in ways that expand opportunities for women, people of colour, and other traditionally marginalised communities,” the website explains. “We serve those who want to flex their economic power in favour of equity. We serve the big-hearted, fair-minded people of the world and especially women who make or influence the vast majority of the world's consumer decisions.”

On the GrabYourWallet spreadsheet, which lists more than 50 companies that do business with or support President Trump, it states: “Welcome Resistors, Protestors, Anti-Facists, and Abolitionists! We’re SO glad you’re here.

“The #GrabYourWallet Boycott started on 11 October 2016 and has since prompted over 70 large companies to cut financial ties with the Trump administration. Remember to drink water. Wear a mask. Wash those hands. Then sit down and email some companies on this list.”

The spreadsheet lists companies such as LL Bean, New Balance, and Wegmans to name a few.

In addition to informing consumers of brands with links to the Trump administration, the GrabYourWallet campaign also encourages people to contact the companies listed and inform them of their decision to no longer do business with them.


DoneGood is a shopping site that also describes itself as “here to help you use your purchasing power to: avoid shopping with companies you don’t believe in - like corporations that support Trump!” and “instead, support the things you do believe in by shopping with businesses that pay good wages, invest in communities, and combat climate change.”

In addition to compiling a list of the companies that support the president, DoneGood also allows consumers to download a free browser plugin that notifies them if they visit a website that supports President Trump and instead “shows you recommendations for ethical and sustainable companies that have the kinds of products you’re looking for when you shop on Amazon, Google, or other big-name retailer sites.”

The site’s list names retailers such as Nathan’s Famous and Estee Lauder for having ties to Mr Trump.

Whitney White's Donald Trump’s largest donors list

Earlier this month, Whitney White, an influencer and founder of Melanin Haircare, created a list of the president’s largest donors and their companies.

According to White, who shared the list on Instagram, the list is compiled of “those who have given THE MOST FUNDING to Donald Trump’s campaigns and/or re-election campaign, and the companies they own/profit from that we patron."

In the caption, White said she purposely included only those who have donated and the companies they are directly tied to.

“The list represents those who have supported Donald Trump’s administration, whether for social or economic reasons,” she wrote.

According to White, the list can be used “when deciding where to spend your money [and] making sure your dollar goes towards companies and individuals that respect your basic human rights, and align with your morality.”

On the list, which has been shared by celebrities including Busy Philipps, it lists donors categorised by sports, business, entertainment, beauty, fitness, apps/phone and clothing.

Buycott app

The Buycott app is another way of ensuring you do not accidentally support Mr Trump while shopping.

Buycott works by allowing consumers to join campaigns that align with their values.

Once a consumer has joined a campaign on the app, such as Boycott Trump Products, they will be able to scan the barcodes of products in store and find out whether their manufacturers support the president.

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