Vinnie Jones reveals he is seeing therapist after his wife Tanya’s death: ‘I thought I was doing okay’

Tanya Jones passed away last year at the age of 53 

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Saturday 22 August 2020 14:51
Vinnie Jones opens up on finding letter from late wife following her death from cancer

Vinnie Jones has revealed that he is seeing a therapist following the death of his wife Tanya.

Tanya passed away at the age of 53 in Los Angeles last July.

Discussing the impact the loss of his wife had on him, the 55-year-old explained he has turned to professional help after “shutting himself off” from those closest to him.

“I’ve kind of shut myself away from close friends as well. I don’t know why,” Vinnie told the Sun. “I watch a movie on TV but just stare through it, I’m not taking it in.”

He continued: “I’m seeing someone three times a week. I thought I was doing okay, and then the anniversaries of Tan’s death and our daughter Kaley’s birthday were approaching and it was like somebody just drained the life out of me.”

The Snatch star went on to encourage others, particularly men, who might be going through similar experiences to reach out for help.

“What I’ve learnt with grief management is that you can’t hold it in. It’ll eat you alive. It will destroy you if you don’t let it out,” he said.

“I would recommend going to see a psychologist 100 per cent. Blokes don’t want to talk about it. They’ll talk about the girl they slept with last night, but won’t go and talk to a doctor about how they’re feeling.“

The former footballer added that he doesn’t think he will ever “move on” or get remarried but that he can see his life slowly getting better.

“I think my life will improve. The tiredness will ease,” he said. “I’m 99.9 per cent sure I won’t get married again.

“I won the Lottery meeting Tans and still got the ticket to prove it. And that’s what I’ll keep.”

The couple married in 1994, when Vinnie was playing for AFC Wimbledon, and renewed their vows in 2007. Tanya had a daughter, Kaley, by her former husband, and a son, Aaron, with Vinnie.

In 2013 they both revealed that they were being treated for skin cancer – Tanya had been diagnosed years earlier, while Vinnie, who has starred in films including X-Men: The Last Stand, had learned that he had a malignant melanoma below his eye.

Jones recently shared an emotional tribute to his wife on their 26th wedding anniversary alongside a photo of them from their honeymoon.

“Today is our 26th Anniversary. I remember our honeymoon in Juan-Les-Pins ; a honeymoon of happiness from two children having fun in our not so torn rags, where do you go to my lovely,” he wrote.

“I think of you every night in my bed, are there diamonds and pearls still in your hair, I wish I could be buying you a racehorse for Christmas and keeping it just for fun for a laugh ahaha.”

He continued, referencing the 1969 song Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt: “I know where you go to my lovely, when I’m alone in my bed, you know the thoughts that surround me, because you were always the only one that could look inside my head. xxx Vin [sic].”

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