Walgreens sells out of TikTok favourite mango peelable candy as demand increases

‘I love the concept of peeling it,’ one fan admits

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Wednesday 01 May 2024 18:58 BST
Walgreens pharamacists demonstrating this month

A chewy peelable treat has continuously sold out at Walgreens, making it difficult for the drugstore to feed their customers what they want.

In the later months of 2023, TikTok brought to fruition another viral must-have. Millions of app users were rushing the shelves of Walgreens not for a round brush hair tool or ice-cold face roller, but for a delectable sweet – a $1.99 bag of “Nice! Gummy Mango Peelable Candy”.

Videos of the gummy showed customers tearing through the bag, ripping back an edible gooey peel, and popping the flavourful teardrop-shaped candy inside into their mouths. One post, published by TikTok user Trinh (@trinhdoesthings) amassed more than 8.9 million views.

“That’s a soft gummy. That’s really good,” Trinh admitted after explaining she was enticed to try the sweet from all the social media talk about it. The mochi-like outside proved to be just as good. Trinh couldn’t help but succumb to the praise, agreeing that the candy was “so fun to eat”.

While the online acclaim is seemingly good for Walgreens – a company wrestling with debt and store closures – the brand hasn’t been able to supply the masses with all the mango deliciousness they’ve been craving.

Walgreens added the gummies to the stock of 2,500 stores in the fall of 2023. But before they knew it, the company had to implement a purchase limit of one bag per customer to make dwindling stock last longer.

Speaking toCNN, the company noted that the popularity of the mango treats unintentionally came about on the app. They didn’t foresee the item having the online reputation it does now. Walgreens told the outlet that it didn’t pay or partner with influencers, noting how individuals were encouraged to try it by peers who discovered it on their own.

Marty Esarte, the vice president of Walgreens’ brands, thought the “interactivity” of the candy was what attracted customers most.

“The interactivity of it is really cool and it’s what makes the peelable candy really fun,” Esarte told CNN. “It also creates a discussion point: Is the outer layer better than the inner gummy or are they better together or separate?”

Based on comments left on Trinh’s TikTok video, Esarte is correct – people are obsessed with the dynamics of the candy.

One curious individual asked: “Why don’t people just eat the whole thing together?”

“I love the concept of peeling it,” a fan wrote, while another shopper exclaimed: “I went to three different Walgreens and they are sold out!!” A fourth said: “I could not find them I went to six Walgreens around me.”

Walgreens spoke to The Independent about their future plans for restocking the candy.

“Because of the success of the item, we’re currently expanding inventory on the mango item to 8,000 stores on May 22,” a company representative said. “A peelable banana flavor gummy will also launch in 5,700 stores on the same date, which will add another great item to the collection.”

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