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Woman issues important PSA to men getting on one knee to propose

‘If he can’t even hold himself up for the proposal how’s he gonna stand strong in the marriage’

Brittany Miller
New York
Wednesday 20 March 2024 21:55 GMT
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A proposal is supposed to be an event that couples will remember and recount for the rest of their lives.

A woman named Jordan Hardman recently took to TikTok to share the one thing she thinks men shouldn’t do in their own proposals. “I know this is a niche ick, but if my man proposes and doesn’t do this, I’m pissed. I’m f***ing pissed,” her video started off.

“And I’ve seen this, and I clock it, I notice it,” she continued as she was building up anticipation to show off the proposal etiquette that bothers her.

Hardman said that when getting down on one knee to pop the question, some guys look like the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. She then demonstrates by doing the act herself, showing off bad posture and a slouched back.

The TikToker then showed what she wanted, which was a straight back that could make a 90 degree angle when bending on one knee.

After posting, her video went on to receive more than seven million views, with many people leaving comments about how they also find the slouched back during a proposal to be off-putting.

“Nah, you’re right on this one. If he can’t even hold himself up for the proposal how’s he gonna stand strong in the marriage,” one person wrote in the comments.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “That and resting their elbows on their leg like come on it’s less than a minute.”

“Mine said he practiced A LOT before the proposal. 90 degrees and straight back. He did so good,” a third commenter wrote, noting her own proposal.

Other commenters explained their own pet peeves in a proposal.

“Mine is when they dropped down to the knee and just smile at you. No speech, no PROPOSAL, just a stare and empty smile,” one commenter explained.

“I’m crying because this is so true,” another comment began. “Second ick: getting on both knees.”

Despite the many pet peeves people have with wedding proposals, they don’t all go poorly.

Mia Amabile recently took to TikTok to share her “Roman Empire,” the internet trend where people share an event that they can’t stop thinking about. For her, it was the text she received from her fiancé’s dad soon after he proposed.

On her Instagram page, Amabile detailed their proposal story, which she deemed “perfectly imperfect,” as they were on a trip and her then-boyfriend said the hotel was providing them a private picnic.

As he was about to open the ring box to ask her the important question, it was empty, resulting in him needing to run back to their hotel room, grab another ring box, and propose a second time, to which Amabile accepted.

Following the proposal, she received a touching text from her fiancé Alex’s dad, Doug, that showed his unwavering support.

Showing a screenshot of the message on her TikTok account, the text read: “My Dearest Mia, Now that it is official, I wanted to take a moment to directly and personally tell you how overjoyed we all are to have you become an official member of our family, and us of yours!”

“We have loved you from the moment we met you, and could always see that you and Alex were absolutely meant to be together forever!”

“The most important thing is that you guys clearly unconditionally love each other, and take care of each other, and that is by far the most important thing that ever matters!” he continued. “We are so greatly looking forward to all of the amazing times we will get to spend together.

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