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Woman reveals a list of strict rules for her upcoming wedding: ‘No kids’

‘Mind if I use your list?’ one respondent writes in the comments

Amber Raiken
New York
Monday 31 January 2022 21:39 GMT

A woman has revealed her list of strict rules for her wedding, and her viewers are coming to her defence.

In a TikTok video posted on January 26, @cruzjasmine824 shared a list of “very real wedding rules” that she will be following this year. The first one listed is “no kids.” However, she did explain that there were “some exceptions.”

“I don’t want kids running around unattended, their parents no watching,” she said. “That will absolutely not be happening.”

“Most of my siblings are under the age of 15,” she added. “So, they can come, along with some out of towners who genuinely cannot get babysitters for the full weekend because they have to travel…They gotta be watching them, though.”

The next rule she has is that no one can wear white, “plain and simple.” Her bridesmaids have a set of instructions to “dump a whole bottle of red wine” on anyone who does.

Her bridesmaids are also allowed to pick whatever outfit they want, but the bride gets to choose what colour it is.

The next rule is, “if you weren’t invited, you’re not welcome.”

“I will specifically write on the invitation how many plus ones you get, and that’s it,” she explained. “Don’t be bringing no random people.”

She also noted that she wouldn’t be doing the garter thing, which is when a bride wears a piece of lingerie on her leg. During the reception, the groom takes the garter off and tosses it into a crowd of guests.

She then detailed how it kind of “just worked out” that all of her bridesmaids were a part of the LGBTQ+ community in some way, which the TikTok user “loved.”

On the day of the wedding, @cruzjasmine824 said that she doesn’t want people asking her questions about where things go.

“My mom has full creative liberty over everything,” she explained. “She designed my quinceañera, and she made it perfect. And we’re been going back and forth about day of stuff, and she’s just on the nose.”

The ninth rule is that because the bride is paying so much money for an open bar, guests should “take advantage” of it. However, even though she’s encouraging people there to drink, she doesn’t want anyone “driving home drunk.”

She noted that guests can leave their cars at her wedding venue till the next morning if they had too much to drink.

She also emphasised that when her vendors are on their breaks, “they will be treated as guests.” They’ll have the opportunity to eat and drink, but “cannot get too wasted before the job is done.”

“When the job is done, feel free to drink as much as you want,” she said. “Take home a party favour. You are a guest.”

Her final rule is that “no big announcements” are allowed.

“If you want to propose, keep that to yourself,” she explained. “Do not come to my wedding day, taking the attention away from me and my man. You will be tackled.”

This TikTok video has over 1.6m views, so far, with people in the comments expressing how much they support these rules.

“Ngl this is all reasonable and I love it…mind if I use your list?” one viewer wrote, while another said: “Hasn’t even happened yet but this the best wedding ever.”

Other viewers also explained in the comments why they thought that children shouldn’t be at weddings.

“100% agree with the kid thing,” one wrote. “If they’re younger than like 13 then they’re not gonna care what is going on and would be bored.”

“The kids rule is very reasonable,” another said. “I love kids so whenever I go to weddings I always end up kidnapping random children to play with, and it gets very wild, children running everywhere.”

However, some TikTok users felt like these rules were too strict, one of which said: “why do people not want people at their wedding the more the merrier like why not why tf you gotta be so d*** stingy and rude.”

In response, @cruzjasmine824 said: “Well considering when you add it up you’re paying $100+ per person to be there. I’m not going to spend $100+ on just anyone, just my loved ones.”

The Independent has contacted @cruzjasmine824 for a comment.

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