Woman who claims she was fired for posting TikTok filmed at work says she now makes six figures

‘Being delusional is all about breaking the ceiling,’ she says

Emmie Norton
Tuesday 18 July 2023 08:54 BST

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A woman who claims to have been fired from her 9-5 job for allegedly posting a TikTok filmed in the workplace has revealed how she turned her life around, and now owns a six-figure business.

Nadia Khaled is a well-known figure online, where she has nearly half a million followers and where she shares details on her thriving career as an “alignment coach” helping other succeed.

But just one year ago, life was very different for the young woman, who worked as an addictions counsellor and was in thousands of pounds of debt.

Stuck in a rut, the now-24-year-old felt like her life was going nowhere and, after reportedly getting unexpectedly fired from her job, she knew it was time to turn her life around.

In a YouTube video published on Shera, (@sherasocial), a digital platform dedicated to empowering women, Nadia shared how she transformed herself in less than 12 months.

She claims: “Out of nowhere, I got fired from my job for posting a TikTok that I had filmed at work – and I had no idea that was coming.”

But rather than letting the news devastate her, Nadia had an idea: to let it be a sign from the universe that it was time to go in a new direction.

Before getting sacked, she had been struggling with her lifestyle and “miserable” at work.

She said: “I was depressed because I really couldn’t see a way out, I hated what I was doing and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I enrolled into a Master’s programme to become a clinical therapist and I basically got a job as an addictions counsellor to kind of solidify that path.

“For several years, I was going to go into tens of thousands of dollars of debt paying for this degree that I obviously could not afford. I was miserable, I was swamped with homework 24/7. I was so burnt out all the time. I was somehow still super tight on money, even though I was working 40 hours a week and sometimes a few times a month [doing] an overnight shift at my job.

“I was resentful […] because I was going into debt for this Master’s degree that I didn’t even enjoy.”

Feeling down about her career path, Nadia began looking into the power of manifesting and neuroscience in her spare time, which would leave her feeling “excited” about her life again.

She started sharing her newfound knowledge on affirmations and manifestations on TikTok and quickly began gaining followers.

Nadia said: “I started seeing patterns between my belief systems and the experiences that I was attracting and so I had this lightbulb moment. My mood was directly correlated to what I was experiencing in my everyday life.

“And then when I started saying affirmations and doing the full manifestation rituals to kind of boost my mood and align with what I wanted to experience I started having better days. I started attracting things very intentionally and that’s kind of when I started making TikToks.”

As her account grew, she began manifesting that she would make an income from her TikTok – and once she had been fired, that was exactly what happened.

She said: “I decided to take that as a sign from the universe. I was like: ‘You know what, this is my sign that it’s time to go full throttle with the things that I want to do’.”

And so she did, soon gaining the brand deals she had envisioned, and even setting up her own coaching business where she teaches others how they can manifest and attract whatever they want.

Incredibly, the move has meant she is now raking in six figures, a far cry from her prior financial stat, and she has even been able to help people chase their own dreams.

One client was able to secure her ideal apartment in New York while others bag their dream careers.

Nadia says the key is to be “delusional”.

She explained: “Being delusional is all about breaking the ceiling, because the beauty of it is that there is infinite potential, you can create any experience that you want. You can have any life trajectory that you want it just requires you to be delusional at the beginning and assume that just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

“When you have the desire for something, you have the desire because you’re supposed to have it. There’s a future version of you at some point in time, there’s a timeline where you have that exact thing and the reason why you want it is because your consciousness is connected to that point in time.”

She added: “So, all you have to do is align yourself with that version of that timeline and that’s how you start to attract the experiences that will get you there.

“You just have to be delusional at first, even though it might feel a little crazy, [it] doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic.

“It’s just different from where you are right now…it’s all possible and it’s all on its way to you, and you just have to be delusional at the beginning until you see the evidence of it.”

She said: “Stop worrying about the how or what needs to happen to get you there.

“Just be open to the possibilities and assume that when you want something the universe already has a plan to bring it to you. What you need to do is start relying on your intuition because your intuition is the version of you that knows exactly how to get to where you want to go.

“If you ever get the intuitive urge to do a certain thing, or you feel inspired to do a certain thing, but you don’t know why, that’s usually the intuition that’s giving you the action step of how to get to where you want to go.

“If you just follow those inspired action steps, and you just follow the intuitive things that you feel pulled to do, that’s actually what’s going to lead you to where you want to go.

According to Nadia, “you have to drop this whole idea or this whole notion that you have to plan out every step yourself”.

“Let the universe work out the hard things for you and just trust that everything is working out,” she continued. “Watch how everything else just falls right into place.”

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