Woman recreates Nicole Kidman’s iconic 2001 photograph to celebrate her divorce

Liz Maupin says she hopes the actor will see the picture and feel proud

Saman Javed
Tuesday 31 August 2021 12:11 BST
<p>Nicole Kidman full of joy as she leaves her attorney’s office</p>

Nicole Kidman full of joy as she leaves her attorney’s office

A woman from California has recreated Nicole Kidman’s famous post-divorce paparazzi picture after separating from her husband.

Nicole Kidman made headlines in 2001 when she was photographed celebrating her divorce from fellow actor Tom Cruise as she left her attorney’s office, just over a decade after the couple married in 1990.

In the image, Kidman is dressed in cream and pink sheer top and light sage green three-quarter-length trousers. She is seen with both of her arms stretched out at her sides as she appears to bask in the joy of her separation.

The iconic photograph has now been recreated by music video producer Liz Maupin, who even wore a similar outfit for the occasion.

To mark her separation from her former husband, Maupin gathered her friends for a “divorce party”.

In a series of pictures posted to her Instagram on Tuesday, 31 August, Maupin stands at the head of a table in the same pose as Kidman, wearing the same sheer patterned top and similar mint green trousers.

In another, she is seen between two friends holding a framed photograph of Kidman. “I did a bit last night,” she captioned the post.

Maupin told Today that it took her weeks to find the same printed top that was seen on the actor.

“It was so hard. I did a couple weeks of research, but the shirt was nowhere to be found. There were even Reddit threads of people trying to find it,” she said.

Having first seen the image of Kidman a few years ago, Maupin said she could now resonate with the message of celebrating the end of an unhealthy relationship.

“I honestly think I only saw the photo for the first time a few years ago and I just loved it. You can feel how relieved, how happy Nicole is to have it all over with.”

Maupin first posted her recreation on Twitter, where it has already amassed more than 100,000 likes.

“DID I get Nicole Kidman’s divorce outfit created for a party for the day my divorce is final? yes, I did,” she wrote in a tweet.

She told Today that the response to the photograph has been “overwhelmingly positive”, and that she hopes Kidman will see it and recognise her influence.

“There are a lot of women out there who have gotten out of unhealthy relationships and have said they felt very supported (seeing this),” Maupin said.

“I hope [Nicole] sees it and is proud,” she added.

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