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Women's World Cup: Schoolgirl criticises supermarkets for only selling men's football stickers

Immy Masterson says lack of stickers is 'sending a bad message to girls everywhere'

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Tuesday 11 June 2019 08:29

A seven-year-old girl has penned an open letter to Tesco and Sainsbury’s after being unable to buy Women’s World Cup stickers at their stores.

Immy Masterson wanted to spend her pocket money on the stickers for her Women’s World Cup book but failed to find any for sale.

The young girl decided to reach out to the supermarket chains to find out why the stickers weren’t being stocked and accused them of sending the message that “women are less important than men”.

On Monday, her mother, Caroline Masterson, posted the handwritten letter to Twitter alongside the caption: “Very disappointing approach to stocking (not!) the Women’s World Cup stickers. Very ANGRY 7 year old!”

In the letter Immy, from Horsham, West Sussex, wrote: “I love football and I have been very excited about watching the Women’s World Cup. I was given the World Cup sticker book from my football club and was very happy to start collecting my stickers.

“I went to your supermarket today to spend my pocket money on the Women’s World Cup stickers but there wasn’t any there.

Immy continued by asking the retailers why they sold the men's stickers but not the women's and accused them of sending a "bad message" to girls that "women are less important than men".

The seven-year-old then called on the supermarkets to reconsider stocking the product and show their support for equality.

In a series of additional tweets, Masterson revealed that she was told by Tesco customer services there was no room for the Women’s World Cup stickers because they already stock LOL Surprise stickers, which feature images of glittery dolls.

Masterson added that Sainsbury’s does sell the Women’s World Cup stickers but at just 600 of its 1,423 stores.

Immy’s campaign has also won the backing of former Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch, who said she was "appalled" at the lack of availability for the stickers in the official retailers.

“Hardly any of my local stores sold them and one that did kept the stickers in a drawer rather than on the shelves because the boys’ football stickers took priority," Crouch told The Telegraph.

“Panini - the company that makes the stickers - did a great thing in producing the album but have been failed by the outlets who clearly still have a backward view of women’s interest in football.”

The schoolgirl also received lots of support on Twitter where she was praised for standing up for gender equality.

“DO THE RIGHT THING – love it well done Immy,” one person wrote.

Another added: “What a legend , I hope they send her some free stuff.”

A third person commented: “Well done. We have had the same problem. Our local Sainsbury's has a vast range of stickers but not these. Luckily our local one stop does.”

A Sainsburys spokesperson said: “The Panini Women’s World Cup stickers and book are available to buy in around 550 stores and have been popular with customers. We hope to have them back in stock in our Horsham store shortly.”

A Tesco spokesperson added that because there is limited space for stickers the Women’s World Cup products are only stocked in its One Stop convenience stores.

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“Just like Immy, we love football and are very excited to cheer the teams on during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup,” the spokesperson said.

“We would like to apologise to Immy for not stocking the Panini stickers she was looking for at her local Tesco store but we do stock the FIFA Women’s World Cup sticker collection at our One Stop convenience stores, of which there are over 700 around the UK."

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