Five Questions About: Pet insurance


Kate Hughes@hughesthehack
Saturday 11 August 2012 00:02

Why do I need to insure my pet?

Treating a pet for an illness or accident can be phenomenally expensive. You could pay £40 for a booster jab, £400 for an overnight stay and more than £800 for surgery on a dog.

What kinds of policy are out there?

Cover ranges from one-off policies for one type of treatment over a short period to those with no time limit or whole-of-life cover.

Are any animals tough to insure?

Yes, just like humans, older animals, and those with previous conditions are either expensive or impossible to insure. Read the small print very carefully, because unusual species, working dogs or dangerous breeds may not be covered. Also beware of exclusions including holiday cover, accommodation and accidental damage when Fido adopts your Jimmy Choo.

How can I reduce the premiums?

Everyone from banks to supermarkets offer pet insurance so shopping around for the best deal is a must, though you'll struggle to compare costs for anything other than a cat or dog. Upping your excess to reduce premiums will probably give you better peace of mind than cutting the limit on claims.

Policy or pet savings fund?

It's tempting to put cash aside rather than paying for a policy, but bear in mind that you could have to fork out sooner rather than later.

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