Spotlight: Coventry BS 1st Class Postal Account

By Kate Murphy,
Saturday 09 January 2010 01:00

With interest rates kept on hold again this week, times continue to be tough for savers. The good news is that savings rates continue to be significantly higher than the Bank of England Base Rate, so it's time to ensure your savings are earning the best returns.

Coventry Building Society has launched a third issue of its popular 1st Class Postal Account. The rate is a market-leading 3.30 per cent, although it carries a bonus of 1.30 per cent for 12 months, after which it drops to the standard rate – currently two per cent.

This is marketed as an easy access account, but savers are limited to four penalty withdrawals per year. Further withdrawals would be subject to 50 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn. The minimum withdrawal is £1,000 and the minimum deposit is also £1,000.

As the name suggests, this account is operated solely via post, and the other key point to note is that if you already have one of the earlier issues of the 1st Class Postal Account you can't open another one.

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