3DPRINTUK: a pioneer in 3D printing for manufacture


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Wednesday 04 August 2021 17:18
Business Reporter: 3DPRINTUK: a pioneer in 3D printing for manufacture

Nick Allen, MD and Owner of 3DPRINTUK

Since it first launched its service in 2011, 3D printing service provider 3DPRINTUK has emerged as a true innovator in the practical use of 3D printing for prototype and low-volume production applications. The company has stuck to its core strengths in developing unprecedented expertise with polymer powder-bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes. Today it offers manufacturing capability for key applications across industrial sectors, providing clients with real cost and time efficiencies when compared with more traditional manufacturing methods for low-volume batch production.

3DPRINTUK offers a reliable and flexible manufacturing service that efficiently bridges the huge gap between prototyping and injection moulding, overcoming the limitations of alternative processes such as CNC machining and vacuum casting. To date the company has produced millions of 3D printed parts.

3DPRINTUK’s north London headquarters has been custom designed to house the company’s growing fleet of polymer selective laser sintering (SLS) and multi-jet fusion (MJF) machines, and to fully accommodate the necessary ancillary and post-processing capabilities the company offers as part of its service. This includes two rooms fully dedicated to post-processing operations for cleaning and dyeing, as well as a break down room that is fully sealed from external environmental effects and to avoid powder contamination.

By running both SLS and MJF systems, 3DPRINTUK is able to deliver the very best polymer parts specific to clients’ individual applications. Customers can specify their chosen production systems, or make use of the company’s online quoting system. This system funnels priority requirements to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of the quality and functionality of the parts, together with value for money and speedy delivery.

3DPRINTUK is a true pioneer in practical, time-effective and cost-effective 3D printing, and is keenly aware that many companies don’t fully understand the potential of 3D printing. For this reason, 3DPRINTUK works with customers to illustrate when and why 3D printing will work for them.

3DPRINTUK offers pragmatic advice, and will indicate when the technology is not a good fit, something the 3D printing industry at large is not very good at confronting.

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