How AI innovation is opening up a new era for professional services


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Wednesday 24 April 2024 14:21 BST
Not a fleeting trend: For the professional services industry, AI integration is a transformative force reshaping it
Not a fleeting trend: For the professional services industry, AI integration is a transformative force reshaping it ( iStock)

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Amplify capabilities, elevate experiences and stay ahead of the curve: unlocking AI’s potential in professional services

According to the SPI Research-Rocketlane 2024 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report, artificial intelligence (AI) will positively impact the professional services industry.

The report notes that leading solution providers for the services industry “began embedding AI in their solutions several years ago to help the professional services market with everything from planning through sales, talent acquisition and training, service staffing, and delivery to financial governance.”

For the professional services industry, AI integration is not just a trend but a transformative force reshaping it. AI is revolutionising how we work, paving the way for a future of efficiency, insight and unprecedented growth.

Should your organisation adopt AI? Absolutely!

But like every other initiative within your organisation, AI adoption, too, must align with your goals.

Here are some areas in the professional services industry that can undergo transformation by adding AI into the mix. Pick the ones that align with your business goals!

Augmenting human capabilities

AI can function as a catalyst for amplifying human capabilities. By automating routine tasks, such as taking meeting notes, drafting email communication, sharing project status updates, data analysis, and even coding, AI frees up your teams’ time from repetitive activities, letting them focus on high-value activities that require creativity, critical thinking and strategic acumen. In the long run, this can pave the way for a culture of innovation, where you can unlock new opportunities and solve complex challenges.

Elevating marketing and sales efforts

One of the most popular uses of AI in the workplace is content creation – text-based as well as visual. Combined with AI-driven consumer behaviour analysis and targeted campaigns, marketing teams produce more output in less time.

AI solutions that can boost sales include CRM integrations, chatbots and predictive analytics. These tools optimise operations, enrich customer interactions and provide invaluable insights to sales teams.

Enhancing decision-making

AI can be your trusted advisor: using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, AI can analyse troves of data, identify patterns and predict trends, which you can then use to plan optimal courses of action. Whether it’s forecasting market trends, mitigating risks or devising winning strategies, AI equips professionals with the foresight needed to make informed decisions swiftly, elevating the overall quality of service delivery. For example, Rocketlane recently released one of our most sought-after features, Resource Ai, which automatically makes resource plans and allocation decisions!

Personalising client experiences

In an era where hyper-personalisation is the norm, client expectations have soared to new heights. Here, AI serves as a game-changer, helping professionals deliver experiences tailored to individual client needs. AI can analyse client data and uncover insights into their behaviour, preferences and pain points. This helps service providers anticipate their needs and offer tailored solutions proactively. Whether it’s personalised investment strategies or customised legal advice, AI helps businesses drive loyalty, satisfaction and long-term success.

Empowering clients with self-service capabilities

Clients expect seamless access to information and services in a jiffy. We get pizza delivered in 30 minutes, after all.

Recognising this paradigm shift, high-performing PSOs are leveraging AI to empower clients with self-service capabilities that put them in the driver’s seat. Methods to achieve this include AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants and self-service portals. They help clients access information, initiate transactions and resolve queries with ease and convenience.

Moreover, these AI-driven interfaces can deliver personalised recommendations and responses tailored to each client’s unique needs and preferences by harnessing natural language understanding and machine-learning algorithms. By placing choice and control in the hands of clients, you will not only enhance their overall experience but also foster a sense of empowerment and autonomy that strengthens the client relationship.

Enhancing collaboration and communication

Effective collaboration and communication lie at the heart of successful client relationships. Here, AI acts as a catalyst, streamlining communication channels and enabling real-time collaboration between professionals and clients. Through AI-powered collaboration platforms, clients can seamlessly collaborate with professionals, share documents, track progress and provide feedback in a secure and transparent manner. Moreover, AI-driven communication tools, such as virtual meeting assistants and sentiment analysis algorithms, can enable you to glean valuable insights into client preferences and sentiments, facilitating more meaningful and empathetic interactions. AI-enhanced collaboration and communication can help you forge deeper connections with clients, driving loyalty and advocacy in the long run.

Ethical and regulatory challenges

As AI becomes more prevalent in workplaces, ethical and regulatory concerns rise. Companies must consider confidentiality, transparency, fairness, accountability, liability and bias mitigation. By introducing principles, transparency and regulatory compliance, truly ethical AI can become a reality.

Embracing a culture of continuous learning

As AI continues to evolve at breakneck speed, professionals must embrace a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s mastering new AI tools, honing data literacy skills or cultivating a deeper understanding of AI ethics and governance, lifelong learning is indispensable for thriving in an AI-driven world. Moreover, by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity of thought, professionals can harness the collective intelligence needed to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation at scale. In doing so, they can unlock the full potential of AI to revolutionise professional services and usher in a future defined by ingenuity, agility and human-centric innovation.

As with every other industry, AI is very much part of the future of professional services. It comes with a lot of potential. Embracing AI as a strategic enabler can help enhance your business capabilities, decision-making and client experiences. Think of AI as team members who work alongside you to supercharge your team’s efficiency and output.

While there are cons, such as ongoing questions about the ethics of AI, those will be solved in time. Stay ahead of the curve by seizing the opportunities afforded by AI today, and redefine and create lasting value for clients and your teams.

Ready to make the shift? Rocketlane is a modern PSA platform that leverages AI to elevate client delivery experiences. Schedule a demo now!

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