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John Hughes
Senior Partner Marketing Manager, AB Tasty
Thursday 09 May 2024 09:13 BST
Introducing... AB Tasty this month unveiled its fresh new brand identity
Introducing... AB Tasty this month unveiled its fresh new brand identity (AB Tasty)

AB Tasty is a Business Reporter client.

Discover how AB Tasty’s rebrand reflects its commitment to digital experience, to humans, to change, and the relentless pursuit of progress in all places

This month, the experience optimisation platform, AB Tasty unveiled its fresh new brand identity. The rebrand mirrors its commitment to a “test and learn” culture, which is reshaping experience optimisation through cutting-edge innovation and expertise. After a year of incredible growth, which included the expansion of AB Tasty’s personalisation offering with a new AI technology acquisition, the company has established itself as a premier partner in experience optimisation by combining an all-in-one platform with deep client understanding, enabling brands to reach individuals on a new level.

The new brand identity, rendered in “experimentation blue” and “crash test yellow”, lends an exciting, electric look to AB Tasty’s market presence. Following years of growing from an A/B testing platform into a one-stop-shop for experience optimisation across the entire customer journey, AB Tasty is excited to share a brand that aligns with its position in the market as a partner that helps organisations push their ideas even further.

“Our new brand identity is all about pushing ourselves and our customers to new heights,” says Marylin Montoya, VP Marketing at AB Tasty. “The company culture has long been defined by not being afraid of failure but rather embracing it as a necessary part of growth. With this new visual identity and brand voice, we’re showing that AB Tasty is a partner pushing innovative ideas and encouraging our customers to change from the inside out.”

Passing with flying colours: AB Tasty’s new brand identity is rendered in “experimentation blue” and “crash test yellow”
Passing with flying colours: AB Tasty’s new brand identity is rendered in “experimentation blue” and “crash test yellow” ( AB Tasty)

This rebrand isn’t just a fresh look, though; it’s also about getting closer to customers and partners. Because what’s more human than learning from failures and striving for improvement? AB Tasty values collaboration with its partners, embracing change and progress as integral parts of growth. This new voice reflects a commitment to evolving alongside partners, fostering a culture of customer-centricity rooted in dedicated support.

While focused on the digital experience, AB Tasty has learned to change with its customers, and help those customers do the same.

Other factors underpin the new look. One of the key pillars of AB Tasty is its 13 years of expertise in helping and advising customers. It’s also a reflection of the challenge – to ourselves and our customers – to “dare to go further”, the key tagline of this radical rebrand. Change takes human effort, which is why AB Tasty works hand-in-hand with its customers to push boundaries.

Combining three essential components – the human approach, our expertise in the market and our unified platform – this rebrand places AB Tasty as a market leader in digital experience, that sees progress in all places.

AB Tasty saw its three most successful quarters ever during 2023, with 35 per cent year-over-year growth. This includes the signing of giants Christian Louboutin, Papa Johns, Puma, Audi and Unique Travel Corp, the worldwide representative of Sandals & Beaches Resorts. We also made strides in the APAC market with David Jones, FWD Insurance and NTT Docomo.

The past year has seen two further developments. Our new AI-powered search and recommendation function helps companies personalise and boost their website services, while EmotionsAI, a market-first emotions-based personalisation technology, allows companies to personalise messages based on the emotional triggers of their visitors. These cutting-edge technologies establish AB Tasty as not just a leader in experimentation but in personalisation as well: it was named a Google partner following the sunsetting of Google Optimize.

“2023 was a big year for AB Tasty, with tremendous growth, moving to one platform and further expanding our reach into AI personalization,” says Alix de Sagazan, AB Tasty CEO and cofounder. “Time and time again we have been told that our people, the AB Tasty team, are what truly makes the difference. This milestone year was made possible by the work of our amazing team who put customers first. We are looking forward to continued global growth and expansion in 2024.”

Out with the old... AB Tasty’s brand shift is all about pushing themselves and their customers to new heights
Out with the old... AB Tasty’s brand shift is all about pushing themselves and their customers to new heights ( AB Tasty)

Building upon the successes of 2023, AB Tasty is poised for a transformative year ahead. In embracing a culture of innovation and adaptability, the company is not merely content with past achievements but strives to set new benchmarks in the digital experience optimisation landscape. The incorporation of artificial intelligence into AB Tasty’s repertoire underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

AI is poised to help personalised user experiences across digital platforms, and AB Tasty is at the spearhead. With a focus on collaboration and inclusivity, the company’s “one team, endless dreams” ethos remains the driving force behind its collective vision for the future. As it looks ahead, the promise of sustained growth and innovative solutions defines AB Tasty’s trajectory for 2024.

About AB Tasty

At AB Tasty, we’re your partner for pushing great ideas even further through optimisation. We achieve this by empowering brands to build better experiences using personalisation, experimentation, recommendations, searching, and the market’s only emotions-based segmentation solution. Our all-in-one platform offers web and API solutions for a unified approach to creating seamless experiences. We are a trusted partner in optimisation and innovation to over 1,100 brands including Kering, McDonald’s, Ulta Beauty, L’Oreal, Disneyland Paris, LVMH, and many others. Our global team of experts is what sets us apart with an unmatched customer-first mindset embedded into company culture.

To learn more, visit www.abtasty.com.

John Hughes, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, AB Tasty
John Hughes, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, AB Tasty ( AB Tasty)

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