For the Best of British Businesses, diversity takes centre stage


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Wednesday 15 September 2021 09:16
Business Reporter: For the Best of British Businesses, diversity takes centre stage

What is best practice when it comes to businesses? Competitiveness? Flexibility? We all have our own thoughts and opinions about what the answer is, but what if we told you that there is one area that could encompass so many of these individual best practice traits?

As part of Business Reporter’s Best of British Business campaign, our CEO Michael Barrington-Hibbert was invited to interview representatives from three businesses that represented – as you might guess – the very best of British: Alderman Vincent Keaveny from the City Of London Corporation, Pension Bee Founder and CEO Romi Savova, and Kick it Out Chair Sanjay Bhandari.

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On paper, you would be hard-pressed to find three individuals from more distinct backgrounds. However, each of them agreed on one thing. From keeping the City competitive, to supporting people to grow their pensions, to addressing the lack of ethnic minority representation in all areas of football, diversity is good for business, and one of the most positive and powerful tools we have at our disposal. Without it, businesses will in whatever shape or form, miss out.

This is far from a new idea or revolutionary concept. In fact, it is something that many of us have been shouting about for quite some time. However, after years of uncertainty, it does feel like people from various sectors and job functions are finally starting to open their minds to to the power of being more inclusive.

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As many of us ponder on what, if anything, we have learned in the year since the killing of George Floyd and the protests that shook the world, we have a real opportunity to give ourselves a positive answer. From a social, ethical and commercial point, putting inclusion at the heart of our workplaces and communities will yield serious dividends, and it is a stance we all must take.

Diversity is good for business – embrace it or prepare to miss out.

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