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Wednesday 05 October 2022 12:39 BST
Courtesy of Kubus
Courtesy of Kubus (Courtesy of Kubus)

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Evolution. Adapting to survive. Basic principles of the natural world; fundamental necessities in the business world. With the digitisation of many everyday activities, businesses must evolve to meet ever-changing customer demands.

Over the past few years, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these ever-changing customer demands have seen a major shift, setting a precedent for the new normal. With the numerous lockdowns and social distancing restrictions of 2020 and 2021, many businesses had to find new ways of operating, all while attempting to maintain similar levels of turnover.

For many businesses, this new way of operating has involved some form of digital transformation – the process of digitising necessary areas of operations to adapt and overcome modern-day hurdles. Depending on the industry, these necessary areas of operation differ. For example, in retail many businesses had to shift their focus to online selling to survive. Some even had to build completely new platforms to do so.

Regardless of global events, digital transformation has become a fundamental process for businesses to develop in the modern world. Whether it be digitising internal or external systems, digital transformation is a must to stay afloat; and, while it’s easy to see digital transformation as having a set end point, it should instead be seen as a never-ending journey, where digital advancements are a key aspect of continuous improvement.

This is where we at Kubus come in. Helping companies to unlock their future through technology, we enable businesses to find agility and productivity through IT transformations. Covering a wide range of IT solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses deal with modern-day problems by presenting them with future-proof solutions.

One key aspect of modern IT solutions is artificial intelligence (AI). Helping to automate and optimise tasks, AI is a fantastic tool to help boost productivity in a business’s IT department. Offering various AI solutions, such as network monitoring, AI analytics, and AI orchestration, we help to ensure all areas of the tech estate run smoothly, with insight and automation acting as the driving force. AI is one of the primary technological driving forces for shaping the future of almost all industries; a force that shouldn’t be taken for granted as a tool for digital transformation.

With many businesses turning to remote/hybrid-remote based employment, cloud computing has seen a surge in usage. Not only does using a cloud system allow employees to access vital information and collaborate on tasks regardless of location, but many also allow businesses to allocate role-specific permissions, making files accessible on a need-to-know basis. This is crucial for keeping confidential and business-critical information in check. Offering private cloud solutions, we give businesses total control over their security, data protection and disaster recovery.

Sometimes, though, picking the right digital solutions can be difficult. Every business is different, with unique challenges and opportunities to match. This is where Kubus can help. We help businesses find the tech products that make the most compelling case for their future through our design and consultancy service. Sometimes all it takes for a business to get to that next level is configuring their existing tech to worker harder or more efficiently. We can help with that too.

Of course, installing new tech infrastructure can be disruptive, and any mistakes made are often costly. For complete peace of mind, our staging and pre-staging service allows businesses to have their new tech set up and tested at our facilities, ensuring that everything is installed, configured and working perfectly. Once this is done, we box up and label all assets neatly down to the last cable. With clear instructions provided for reassembly, time to deploy is reduced drastically, providing a stress-free deployment that runs like clockwork.

Digital transformations can be a seemingly overwhelming undertaking, especially when they involve a large amount of new technology. It’s not just the setup that can be intimidating – for everything to fall into place, the timing of delivery must also be punctual. With capabilities to deliver to almost anywhere in the world, and highly competitive shipping rates to match, our global logistics and deployment capabilities enable us to deliver new infrastructure in a fast and reliable manor.

Whether it be optimising existing, or purchasing new, tech, it’s crucial to find ways to evolve as a business. Digital transformation decisions shouldn’t only be designed for today. They should also be ready for whatever the future brings. If you ever find yourself needing help, get in touch with us – we’ll help you make the right choices.

Originally published on Business Reporter

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