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Wednesday 04 August 2021 09:59 BST
“Business Reporter” - Talentsmoothie: "Future-proof your business now – put people first"

Justine James, Founding Director, talentsmoothie

The best-performing organisations are people-centric. They understand that happy, purposeful employees are more motivated and deliver better results. They’ve discovered that when you connect with your people, learn what they want and need, and give it to them, you unlock untapped business opportunity.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.

Richard Branson

The time is now for every employer to realise this “people potential”. Why? Because the pandemic era has made a re-evaluation of the world of work essential.

Pre-2020, businesses were already facing irreversible demographic and societal changes. Five generations in the workplace. An ageing workforce. Ethics, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and social and environmental impacts were on our minds and increasingly important to our employees and customers. In 2021, it is as if these shifts in values have been fast-forwarded by ten years.

On top of this change-acceleration, personal wellbeing has been placed front and centre – not just our physical safety, but our mental and financial health as well. We’re questioning where and how we need to work. We’re using more technology to do our jobs, but also feeling an intensified threat of being replaced or monitored by it. We’re more conscious of our carbon footprint. Our enforced isolation has led a greater desire to feel connected, accepted and that we belong. We want to do work that gives our life purpose and meaning.

This all translates into an urgent need to redefine our relationships with our employers.

Business leaders, no matter how large or small their organisation, can capitalise in this pivotal moment to listen, prove they care, and strike a fresh, more holistic “deal” with their employees to the benefit of everyone.

The question is, how?

It’s been a tough year dealing with unforeseen circumstance. It could feel overwhelming to contemplate yet more change. But, with the right expertise, you can find out fast what will make the most difference to the people in your organisation.

Talentsmoothie helps organisations create motivated workforces. Our insight comes from 20 years of primary research and experience of developing employee value propositions with our global and local clients. We understand the needs of all the generations and other workforce segments. We get to the nub of how a business can connect with its people better. And we help make it happen, so you get the results you need.

The employee agenda is changing. The customer agenda is changing. The business agenda must change. Safeguard your investment in your workforce. Retain and attract top talent. Give the best service to your customers. Put people first and future-proof your business, it makes great business sense.

Find out how to future-proof your business. Talk to talentsmoothie today

Originally published on Business Reporter

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