The best security solution for vacant property


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Tuesday 11 January 2022 12:14 GMT
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Business Reporter: The best security solution for vacant property

As soon as a building becomes vacant, it immediately becomes a target for every type of anti-social or criminal behaviour. Unfortunately, there is now an increasing number of empty properties in our towns and cities across the country due to the impact of the pandemic. From shops, offices and factories to transport locations and hospitality venues, any type of commercial or even residential property are at risk and the numbers are rising as each month passes.

Not only is an empty building an invitation for disfiguring graffiti, but windows also soon get smashed, the grounds become overgrown, vermin infest the property and it becomes a magnet for rubbish or fly-tipping. If vandals break-in, they invariably strip out anything of value to sell for scrap, from copper pipes to lead roofing. If all that wasn’t enough, a vacant property is often used for criminal endeavours such as drug dealing or other anti-social activities. And finally, the threat of squatters covers all vacant buildings even though it is illegal in residential property. Squatters can be both costly and difficult to remove and the cost to clear up the inevitable mess afterwards is yet another unwanted expense left at the door of the beleaguered landlord.

Then there is the general deterioration that occurs once a building becomes unoccupied, especially over cold or wet winters. Leaks develop, pipes burst and floorboards rot, among many other hazards. Often, landlords don’t realise that even if the vacant property illegally trespasses, the property owner is still liable if the trespasser has a mishap or accident inside. Such are the vagaries of British law. Even if the property is insured, unless the cover has been increased beyond the usual FLEA (fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft impact), which is often difficult or very expensive to obtain, the repercussions on the owners could be extensive.

All of these scenarios are a real nightmare and the reasons why security provided by experts is what is needed to provide peace of mind. Even if standard security is in places – such as metal window screens or shutters, padlocks, alarms and CCTV – it is all easily dismantled by determined trespassers or thieves.

The answer is a simple solution that has additional social benefits: installing professional property guardians into the buildings. The building becomes secured and protected from any unwarranted invasion, vandalism or deterioration, and insurers are happy as risks are considerably lessened. Neighbours and the local community are also relieved they are not living next to or close by a property that is impacting negatively on the neighbourhood, either by the way it looks or because it is encouraging unwelcome or nefarious visitors or occupants.

From the perspective of Global Guardians, the UK’s largest and most respected property guardian company, an even bigger plus point is that affordable accommodation in an otherwise expensive city centre is offered to key or professional workers who need to live near to their place of employment but can rarely afford the current rents in the area. Guardians pay a ‘licence fee’ to occupy a property and make it their home – rather than rent it, as they are not tenants – and this fee is often half that of comparable rents in nearby properties. This is in return for keeping the otherwise vacant property safe and secure. It’s such an obvious winning situation for both the guardians and the property owners.

The people who work with Global Guardians are all carefully vetted to ensure they fit the criteria stipulated by the company they represent, and Global Guardians has an incomparable reputation in the industry, of which it is justifiably proud. This means that not only is it a safe pair of hands for property owners to hand over their buildings to, giving complete peace of mind that their investment is being protected by experts who conform to the highest standards set down by the security industry, but the company is known for its social values. The company prides itself on being inclusive, caring and extremely ethical in the way it runs its business. It also has its own software platform that enables all those involved in a property to log in and check its situation at any time. These efficiencies and values are appreciated by its many clients, which now number most of London’s local authorities and leading national housing associations and property development companies.

It is this social conscience and its environmental values that sets Global Guardians apart from its competitors as it strives to encourage property owners to let it repurpose their otherwise vacant buildings and turn them into viable accommodation for deserving people. We all know there is a critical shortage of affordable or social housing, and it is estimated there is enough vacant property in London alone to provide over 400,000 homes. It’s a mind-boggling and sobering thought when the waiting lists for affordable council or housing association accommodation are so long and getting longer.

If you are responsible for a property that will be vacant for a while, pick up the phone and talk to Global Guardians. That’s all it takes to give you peace of mind. The team understands what you need and can have your building secure in the shortest possible time, without any effort or cost on your behalf, leaving you to get on with more important matters. Not only that, but you will also get a feeling of doing what is right by being instrumental in enabling deserving, hard-working individuals to have an affordable, safe roof over their heads.

Don’t let your vacant property be invaded or vandalised: secure it through Global Guardians. For more information, visit

Originally published on Business Reporter

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