Remote social media managers use proxies to avoid account blocks


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Wednesday 27 March 2024 12:56 GMT
Block it out: Could blocking attempts end up costing you sales and customers?
Block it out: Could blocking attempts end up costing you sales and customers? ( iStock)

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Login attempt blocks are intended to prevent unauthorised access to the social media accounts for your business. But could they end up costing you sales and customers?

Businesses are increasingly using social media teams to manage accounts for Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. At the same time, remote work is on the rise – with 16 per cent of all UK workers working from home, and 28 per cent working a hybrid model (ONS).

This increase in remote-working marketing teams raises a new struggle in social media management: the “suspicious login attempt”. As a security measure, most social media platforms prompt two-factor authentication when someone tries to access an account from a new IP address or location. This is designed to protect social media accounts from unauthorised access, but it can have unintended consequences for businesses.

Login attempt blocks can interfere with social media content planning, especially when remote teams are working across time zones to provide round-the-clock customer support and now cannot reach the colleague who verifies login requests. If a company generates sales or conducts customer services via social media, being locked out of an account can lose sales opportunities for the business or lose customers by making them wait too long for a response.

How to solve login attempt blocks

Social media platforms are less likely to block login attempts when the requests all come from the same IP address. When these requests are all generated in the same brick-and-mortar office, with all employees connected to the same network, there is no problem. However, when workers are accessing social media accounts remotely from their home networks, the blocks will begin.

Proxies are an important part of the puzzle for social media management, because they allow an entire social media team to connect to the same proxy server, using that server’s IP address. The proxy server will make it appear that all the requests to the social media platform are coming from the same online identity in the same location.

Which proxies are best for social media?

Datacentre proxies in particular are good for the teams responsible for social media management. They offer a fast, reliable user experience at a low price point that allows social media teams to access their accounts using the same IP address. And because datacentre proxies do not use the residential ISP networks, they are not subject to residential internet usage fluctuations (such as peak times).

Leading web intelligence company SOAX unveiled high-speed datacentre proxies for social media management in 2023 across 11 countries: the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Japan and Brazil.

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