The new face of sustainability and regulatory reform in the chemical sector


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Wednesday 21 July 2021 09:14
Business Reporter: The new face of sustainability and regulatory reform in the chemical sector

Paul H. Jones, FRSC – CEO & Managing Director, Bitrez Ltd

Awareness of the need to protect the environment and everything within it is increasing, and legislation is being introduced to encourage and enforce a movement towards a circular economy.

Bitrez has an outstanding and established track record for innovation in the design, development and manufacture of specialist polymers that meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance. With a long history of developing products that comply with global food and packaging regulations, pioneering products to eliminate substances of high concern, and bringing new technology to market, the business has many years’ experience of overcoming hurdles and ensuring product continuity in face of adversity.

The next chapter in Bitrez’s journey is in promoting and working with technologies that meel the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With new developments in sustainable feedstocks that do not impact the food chain or contribute to deforestation, Bitrez is developing more bio-based products that enable the formulation of specialist coatings, adhesives and matrix systems for the protection, fixture or manufacture of components.

Bitrez recognises the huge benefits that have been achieved by chemical produce, but also the damage it has caused. In order to move away from petrochemical feedstocks and reduce our reliance on natural resources, our development team are working in co-operation with a variety of organisations to accelerate the generation of products that help maintain continuity of supply, employing bio-based materials that are processed in accordance with best practice.

Bitrez has partnered with other organisations to take these innovative materials to new regions, so that the same standards can be applied in other areas. Europe is probably the most advanced region from a regulatory perspective, and Bitrez’s future there is bright – not just economically, but environmentally and ethically too.

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