2023 Healthcare Tech Trends Report: an interactive guide for doctors


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Wednesday 14 June 2023 10:55 BST
<p>On trend: the most promising medical tech developments, as the healthcare industry develops faster than ever</p>

On trend: the most promising medical tech developments, as the healthcare industry develops faster than ever

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The healthcare industry is evolving faster than ever. But in the wake of so many new treatment options, many healthcare professionals are feeling left behind or concerned about patient safety and efficacy.

Medical professionals: fret no further. Sermo, the world’s largest medical community, has done the work for you. We asked our global community of over a million doctors to share their insights on this year’s biggest healthcare tech trends, receiving 1,220 responses.

Below, we preview the six most promising medical trends of 2023. Request the full report to see the charts and actions you can take in your practice.

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Trend 1 – Biomarkers

Biomarkers are now used across all stages of drug and therapy development, from enrichment, stratification and patient selection to safety, efficacy and assessment. This level of personalised medicine has become increasingly important as more people face diseases and conditions requiring targeted treatment plans.

More than 45 per cent of surveyed Sermo members already recommend biomarker testing to their patients daily, weekly or monthly.

Trend 2 – AI And Chat GPT In healthcare

There has been widespread media coverage touting the power of new artificial intelligence (AI) software, in particular ChatGPT. And it is likely your peers are already eyeing this new trend: 77 per cent of surveyed doctors recognised the potential AI and ChatGPT has for healthcare.

Trend 3 – Personalised medicine

In a world where medical drugs and treatments are being launched at unprecedented speeds, personalised medicine, biomarker testing and AI will help ensure patient outcomes continue to improve. This important trend is here to stay and will impact all healthcare professionals.

More than a third (34 per cent) of surveyed doctors reported this trend as the treatment innovation they most look forward to in 2023 (by far the most chosen option).

Trend 4 – Wearables

Wearables have come a long way from their early iterations as simple fitness trackers. Today’s wearables provide users with sophisticated health data and insights, empowering individuals to be more proactive with their health.

Savvy doctors understand that wearables afford an easy solution for remote and continuous monitoring that can be reviewed and discussed with patients. That is why 19 per cent of Sermo’s polled doctors reported digital tools and wearables for monitoring patients remotely as their most anticipated innovation of 2023 (the second most chosen option).

Trend 5 – mRNA technology

Would you prescribe mRNA treatments to your patients? In our Sermo poll of 1,220 doctors, 76 per cent said yes.

Healthcare professionals should be prepared for a wave of investment and research aimed at increasing the access and applications of mRNA technology worldwide. Also, prepare to speak to patients more often about this new healthcare technology sector.

Trend 6 – Telehealth

Without a doubt, 2023 will be another big year for telemedicine. This technology-empowered system of healthcare has been riding a tsunami of momentum out of the Covid-19 pandemic. But while telehealth has many benefits, one of the big complaints is the lack of in-person connection. We asked our members: What percentage of your services should be performed via telehealth visits? Request the full report and join the conversation.

The vast potential these cutting-edge technologies hold for healthcare should be apparent. From mRNA technology and personalised medicine to biomarkers and AI, these new technological advances show us the extraordinary possibilities waiting just around the corner.

But this is just an overview – we cannot cover everything about these trends in a single article. Make sure to request the entire 2023 Healthcare Tech Trends Report today to learn more.

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